Letting Go

We’ve said it before.  I know we have, but something this important bares repeating.

It’s finally here; your wedding day! Woohoo! You’ve probably spent months researching, emailing, calling, meeting, and stressing to get it all pulled together. Hopefully, you have an awesome planner or coordinator who has helped reduce all that stress and has prepared everyone for the big event.

But now it’s today, the day where all of your hard work is complete and your vision comes to life. Over the years, we have met many couples whom have one final obstacle to face on this day: letting go. After all this time, many people have difficulty handing over the reins to their wedding-day-rodeo.  And this isn’t limited to the happy couple—we’ve seen parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even an anxious musician still want to be in absolute control over every little detail. We get it. We totally do. We have been there (quite literally).

Just remember this: you have hired a coordinator or planner for a reason. We are here so you can forget about all of the details and simply enjoy your day. You are getting married!

Stop. Repeat. You are getting MARRIED. I mean seriously, how amazing is that?  You have found someone who loves you enough to put up with your OCD behavior on how to make a bed and load the dishwasher properly, not to mention your unhealthy addiction to Bravo TV.

And now, you get to have a huge party! You look amazing! Those are the things we want you to remember and revel in, not what time you were supposed to cut the cake or if someone remembered the offering flowers for your Catholic ceremony. Trust your coordinator, everything will fall into place.  Have you ever seen the inner workings of a Broadway Theatre?  No!  (okay, maybe you actors have) It is mayhem and crazy and adjustments are being made and lights are changes and costumes are being re-sewn.  And as an audience member, you’d never know the difference.  This is how the bride and her party should feel.  You don’t have to worry about the behind the scenes – we will do it all for you.

That said, we need your help before the big day to make that happen. Here are a few things you can do to prepare and things to do on the actual day:

  • Remember, you only have one job for the day of your wedding: get married. Do your job well, and trust that everyone else will do their job well too!
  • Request an extended meeting the day of your rehearsal. Your planner should be at your rehearsal, but ask for some extra time either before or after. Ask for at least 30 minutes to review your timeline, point out any discrepancies that may have come up in the final days, and go over your last-minute questions. You will get to go to bed with peace of mind. At CLD we require a 1 hour meeting to touch over everything.
  • Deflect and delegate. Designate a member of your bridal party as your question “gate-keeper,” that will deflect unnecessary questions and delegate any last minute tasks. Of course, there will be some practical and necessary questions during the day, but some pre-wedding delegation will help.
  • Have something fun planned for the morning-of. Start your day with a light brunch with family or friends. Yummy food, along with a CLD-approved mimosa, will set a good mood for the day.
  • Remember that in ten years from now, you are more likely to remember how beautiful your now-spouse looked and how they made you feel compared to anything else that happened that day.

Whew! Now take a deep breath and go enjoy your wedding day!!

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