Fakin’ it mistletoe!

So I know I said I was going to show how to convert your wreathe, and I will, but that took 5 whole seconds, so I thought I’d add mistletoe to the mix!

For your wreathe, as you have likely noticed, some of the natural elements in it are, well, dying.  Obvi.  The good news is that your stick base should stay in tact for a long time, so all you need to do is pull out some of that greenery and berries, and replenish – though the second time around I went a bit more plentiful on the berry route.  Ditch the leaves (as autumn was so last month) and add a few extra bits.  Paul has some gorgeous silver bells that he was given from his grandmother, so I put a twisty tie around them, added a ribbon in a festive color (make sure it’s wired ribbon so it holds it’s shape), and wa-la!  It has quickly been converted!
photo(yes, I’m aware it is a bit sparse on the right side, I blame the partiers from slamming the door coming in and out.)

Now for the mistletoe.  Two facts about mistletoe: one, it’s damn hard to find, and two, nobody really knows exactly what it looks like.  Case in point:

I threw a holiday party this past weekend, and I had great visions for mistletoe being hung around … that is until I realized after going to 5 places no one was selling any.  So tricky me, decided that I would fake it, and just tell everyone it was real!  Because all anyone knows about mistletoe, is that there are a few berries and dark green leaves.  DONE.  (Not to mention it hangs from up high and no one inspects it to see if you’re lying when you yell out “You’re standing under the mistletoe – KISS!!”)

So I went to my ever giving yard, and gathered some berries.  Now get a small cluster of them but make sure there is a long enough stem. Then I got leaves from an entirely different bush.  Make sure the leaves are a deep, brilliant green with some spiky edges to them.  Also get a long stem.
photo 1

Then, tape the suckers together.  I know, not high-tech, just doing the basics.
photo 2

Then cover the tape with a white or red or gold ribbon, and you’re done!  If you get a nice thicker ribbon, you can use it to hide the tape you use to adhere it to the wall or doorway.  Of course, you could hang it on a nail, but we’re going to simplicity here.
photo 4 photo 5

Have more berries and leaves?  Use them as a gorgeous garnish to any tablescape!