Know: Regret

Yikes.  We all hate that word: regret.  It’s that agonizing feeling that looms in the back of our minds that we can’t quite shake.  It keeps us up at night, it makes us *wish* we could do something again.  You can only re-hash something so many times or annoy your bff with the same details so often if you want to keep her from sending you to voicemail.  So how do we live without regret?


Just like home insurance and car insurance and life insurance (ahem, and pet insurance … yep, Type A here).  We get these things to protect ourselves and loved ones in order to decrease our odds of the problems that could come ahead.  We had an awesome seminar from spokesperson from this month.  Being a medium for thousands of brides, it was great to hear him reiterate what we try so hard to tell our clients.  Hiring the right team will decrease your chances of regret.

So how do we do this when it comes to a wedding?  You hire a wedding planner.

The number one thing HE heard from clients was “I wish we’d spent more money on ___, it would have been worth it looking back”, or “If only I’d know, I would have ____”.  We’re not asking you to throw your budget out the window, and the catch 22 is you’re not supposed to know!  You’re busy with work and life and love, you’re not expected to know the whole wedding planning process when you’re only going to do it (hopefully!) once in your life.  That is why you need a team of professionals to help you.  That is our job, and we decrease your risk level when you hire the right team.

For whatever reason, a planner has the tag-line of “luxury item”.  Well, we disagree.  Do you want to be that person who finds out after their wedding that they should have hired someone to help?  Nothing is more painful for us than when we meet a newlywed and they say to us “it was so stressful and I didn’t really enjoy myself because I was so worried about ___”.  UGH.  If I’d have known then what I know now …

Well, this is us telling you!!!  You can’t claim no one has told you that you need a planner.  This day happens once.  You spend a lifetime thinking about it and up to a year getting details together for an event that takes 6 hours.  Is it really worth chancing it and looking back thinking “if only”?

Meet: The Cordelle, Nashville

Cordelle, a commune in the Loire Valley of France, is also a new commune of social gatherings now located in downtown Nashville.  The historic Rutledge Hill area of Nashville abodes this renovated home turned grand event space, named The Cordelle. With an understated vibe yet upholding high end finishes, the space is perfectly malleable to all different clientele.

Why do we love The Cordelle?  Other than the fact that the owners, three sisters, did a stint of time in our beloved California, it is the warm, refinished wood flooring, the lush grass yard and the perfect balcony to host a cocktail hour that charmed us.  It is the intimate yet spacious bridal suite upstairs that can double as a VIP room for Nashville’s elite.  It is the perfect location of being downtown but not feeling downtown, that has us wanting to host our own soiree here.

We invite you to take a tour of their website and schedule a time to see it in person, as their launch party just happened last week and the place is already booking up quickly!

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