Celebrate: Madeline & Jason

Some times “small towns,” really aren’t that small. Take our beautiful couple, Madeline and Jason. Both grew up in the town of Lancaster, but they went to opposing high schools! They met a year after graduating from high school when Madeline interviewed Jason to become a campus tour guide at UC Irvine. They bonded over both being from Lancaster, and the rest is history.

I have to admit, when Madeline first called to talk about her wedding in Lancaster, I had no idea where Lancaster was! During my first drive up north to meet the lovely couple at their venue, I was very curious as to what I would find amongst the canyons and desert terrain. And did I find a gem! Jason and Madeline were married at the Lancaster Museum of Art & History (affectionately known as “MOAH” to the locals). Madeline used to work at the museum, which made the day even more intimate and special. This beautiful venue featured fantastically high ceilings, gorgeous lighting, and amazing art as the backdrop!

Madeline and Jason were intimately involved in planning every detail, down to the gorgeous coral centerpieces and picking out the most delicious cupcakes ever from local favorite, Double D Cupcakes! I had a blast helping them bring their final details together in what proved to be a beautiful ceremony with lots of tears capped off with a night of dancing on the rooftop. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your beautiful day!

Venue: Lancaster Museum of Art & History

Photography: Candice Benjamin Photography 

DJ: Extreme DJs

Catering: Stone Fire Grill

Flowers: The Wild Rose

Rentals: A-1 Rentals

Cupcakes: Double D Cupcakes

Desserts: Carmel Pastrie’s Bakery

Hair & Makeup: Jordan Curtin

Wedding Coordinator: Christina Logan Design










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Know: Peonies, ranunculus, roses ….

Now a days, most people see something gorgeous on pinterest (not hard to do), put it on their wedding board, show it to their florist, and then are surprised at how expensive it is.  If you’re like us, you don’t know everything about flowers (hence how you got into this expensive conundrum).   Well, we have a secret to share with you: neither do your guests!
They cannot tell the difference between flowers!  And no one except yourself and your wedding party is getting up close and personal with them.

pretty pink peonies

pretty pink peonies

Many a bride finds herself infatuated with the gorgeous peony – I would put a wager on it winning “most popular” in the high school called Bouquet.  So since peonies are one of our favorites (and let’s be honest, most people want them), we thought we’d introduce you to some of their spiritual sisters, since peonies can’t fit everyone’s budget or season. These are just a couple of the peony look-a-likes to get you started.

cabbage rose

cabbage rose





garden roses

garden roses



spray roses

spray roses

There are TONS of options out there that make gorgeous bouquets, so be sure to have a chat with your florist and be open to her ideas.  The key here is trust: so make sure you hire someone you are completely comfortable with to make creative decisions for you.  And as always, PLEASE, do not try this on your own.  Consult a professional, your mom and aunts and bridesmaids and everyone will thank you (they were just being polite when they said they’d help you with them if you wanted to DIY). This is your wedding, enjoy the day!  Let someone else do the dirty work 😉

Paper flower backdrop!

Now if you’re on a budget but have a heck of a lot of time, this is the project for you!

I walked into West Elm in Nashville, and saw the most beautiful and elaborate, paper flower display draping throughout the store. I just i knew I had to use it in some capacity.

Since I don’t have a 10 man staff or 500 hours of free time, I had to switch things up a bit.  I took their bold, firm paper flowers and instead made soft, crepe paper flowers in lilac, ivory and purple.  This was the general color scheme for my upcoming wedding, so I took it and ran with it.  Now anyone who’s shopped for crepe paper before knows, you can’t buy the stuff at Michael’s or JoAnn’s.  So I went here and ordered it online.  The staff was super helpful when I asked for their opinions on how much to order.

After finding a million patterns I was just okay with, I head to ol’ faithful, Martha Stewart, and found what I needed.  Since I didn’t have the time to make individual petals, I used her Continuous Petal Method and got to work.

With a little coaxing, wine and snacks, I got a little help.  All in all, I took my time doing it in stages over days. I made close to 300 flowers, and then strung them together.  The pole I bought was pretty ugly from the hardware store and you could see the tape from fastening two together, so wrapped some burlap ribbon around the pole and called it a day!


I left the flowers “un-fluffed” until they were transported carefully to the venue.  Then with three great assistants, we got it done quickly. Wha-la!  We were able to use it twice during the day.  Once behind the ceremony and then again behind their sweetheart table for the reception.  It was such a delight as I watched guests take pictures in from of it, as it was truly a beautiful backdrop!


Stay tuned over the next weeks for the blog post with the official photos from the photographer … not my iphone 😉

For more fun wedding flower inspiration, visit my pinterest page and follow me!

Florist Consideration

Now I realize I’ve done a few floral posts this past month.  But let’s discuss not just making your own flowers, but talking to the person who IS making your flowers!

We are so lucky today to have pinterest and our fingers on the tips of all things visual these days…no tearing out of magazine or looking through a million photos at the florists to try and find what you’re looking for.  No second guessing, just straight up, “this is what I want”.


Well, unfortunately, there is SO much more to flowers than finding one photo.  When you bring your pin board into the shop and you have everything all thought out, there are still a few key things to keep in mind.

1. What is the florist’s style? Is she conservative and classy and does a lot of in home arrangements? Is she creative and bohemian and more of an artist? Make sure you check out their work before you ask them to conform to your style, because even if they “can” do it, it doesn’t mean it’s their passion style, and therefore their best work. Feel free to ask them before a meeting if its something they’re interested in. They can hopefully guide you to someone else if not.

2. Where are you getting married and when? You may have found your perfect bouquet and table arrangements, but if its August and you only want ranunculus, you’re either going to pay up the wazoo for them or are going to get tiny flowers that look nothing like that spring Californian wedding from your board. Trust the florist when you talk to them. They should be Having a conversation with you and telling you realistically what they can provide, what are some alternatives, and if what colors are likely to be around. If they say yes to everything you want, you either got lucky, have a glorious budget to ship ’em in, or they’re not being upfront with what is going to show up on your big day. It is just not likely that everything is going to be available, so ask what she would do as alternatives “in case” or as fillers. We rarely love surprises.

3. Be realistic when it comes to budget. Who doesn’t fall in love with the best weddings featured on blogs? Honestly, no one is really “pinning” a $50 bouquet or centerpiece. So when you bring in your fav pics, don’t be surprised if when they say they can do that and their proposal comes back to you with a $200 bouquet and a $250 centerpieces. Talk with your planner beforehand to figure out what you should be spending on flowers and know that going in. If the florist asks, tell her! She is not going to mark things up just because you play your cards. It’s difficult to ask what a certain arrangement costs on the spot because they have to determine season, quantity, etc, so be patient as they get their quote back to you.

That said, happy floral shopping! I mean, who doesn’t love a gorgeous arrangement of flowers! With expectations managed, it should all be fun and stress free!

Tilden Park Perfection!

The only thing better than one bride, is two!  I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to meet and help plan Ashley and Katrina’s wedding.  The second the two landscape architects began explaining their vision to me, I knew we would be in sync throughout the process.  And the love these two radiate is infectious!  They absolutely make you want to be one of their friends and join in on the fun that they are having, and I am so lucky to have been welcomed into their gorgeous NYE wedding!

Venue: The Brazilian Room, Berkeley, CA
Planning & Styling: Christina Logan Design
Flowers: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Sarah Trent Photography
Catering: Ann Walker Catering
Attire: Oscar de la Renta & Enzoni

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Making a Simple Centerpiece

Thanks for Lotus and Lily florals, I got to attend an awesome floral workshop this past weekend! Along with other local vendors, I was invited to their studio for some delish food by Savour the Moment, some delectable sweets from Superfine Bakery, and some creativity.  I had so much fun and it was so easy, that I thought I’d pack on a few tricks so you can get a hand in on some of the fun.

Now I have to say, the hardest part was done for us in advance, and that was choosing the flowers! Jackie from L&L had already pre-selected some flowers for us.
IMG_2078We then got a bundle, and started de-leafing them and cutting them to the right length.  She let us in on the truth about a common myth – you don’t need to cut your flowers under water!  She does recommend cutting at an angle, however.  Remember, you can always cut shorter but you can’t glue the stem back on, so be conservative.  And be sure to clear all the leaves off the submerged stem, otherwise there will be bacteria in the water and they will die more quickly.


When you have a flower that tends to droop easily like a gerber daisy, we learned a great wiring trick.  Insert the wire into the stem of the flower.  When you see it poke out of the flower on the top, gently pull it back in so it’s flush on top (no wiring should be seen sticking out the center of the flower).  With the other end, wrap it around the stem of the flower!

One of my favorite tricks when it comes to flower arrangements in clear tape.  Yup.  Told you it was simple.  It was fun to use this technique in the workshop. Take your vase and create a tic-tac-toe grid, then along the rim of the base wrap the tape around once so it stays in place.


Then from here, you start to randomly place your flowers into the vase!  It make it easier if you start with the bigger ones and use the smaller ones as filler, but you can really let your creative freedom take over and make it your own!


And then, we got to take them home 🙂