Meet: Hip Hues in Nashville!

We’re always looking for the next best thing, and wedding entertainment is no different! As to be expected, we had such a great time at our Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group meeting, and of course we had an awesome activity: Hip Hues Screen Printing.  Sisters Sondra and Tracy started this amazing social screen printing system where they will come to your private event and set up your guests with a (custom!) design that they can take with them on a shirt, bag, or slew of other awesome items!

Are you a foodie and want your guests to all take home aprons they make with your logo on them?  Or have a bachelorette party and want all the ladies in the same shirts that you get to make together?  Done.  And they’ll even help you create a logo that’s perfect for your event.

The NWPG ladies had a blast testing it out with our own logo which we put onto banners and shirts. It was a fun and easy activity, I can’t wait to frame my print and put it on my wall!  Contact Hip Hues for your next event!

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