Meet: Tradesy

Who doesn’t love online shopping? Not only does it make life easier (from buying clothes, supplies, groceries… anything!), it really makes wedding planning a lot easier too! With the ever-favorite Pinterest, people can now click on things they love and be directly transported to thing they want to buy, instructions on how to make something, and a whole lot more. (You are following us on Pinterest, right? Just checking.)

While hunting down a few items for my fall wardrobe (because wedding planner attire really does change for those cooler temps!), I stumbled upon Tradesy. At first, it seemed like another version of eBay, a little bit of Rent the Runway, and a lot of other consignment clothing sale sites. But then I saw the link for “Weddings,” and got pretty curious. And then I couldn’t leave my desk for a few hours.

Tradesy Weddings does not just have some pretty awesome deals for wedding attire (if you are OK buying slightly-used things… but holy cow you can find some good deals on Vera Wang here!), but I loved how many things you can find for wedding decor here!

**Quick note on wedding decor: if you are a Do-It-Yourselfer (like CLD is), you actually will end up with a ton of things left over after the big day. Between Nashville and Los Angeles, we have dozens of leftover candles, mason jars, painted wine bottles, lights, wedding cake stands, and so much more that we find inventive ways to re-use.

That’s why I loved the “Wedding Miscellaneous” category of Tradesy. So many of those smaller items, hard-to-find oddities, or even big-ticket times can be found here. I found beautiful hanging-glass votives that would awesome for an outdoor reception, some inexpensive chuppahs that would be easy to spruce up, and some very cool vintage candlesticks that would look gorgeous amongst flowers in a long-table centerpiece.

And there is more than decor: paper items, custom goods, shoes, accessories, veils–if it had to do with weddings, there was a good chance you’d find it here! So many vendors offer free shipping, or local pickups, and Tradesy promises hassle-free returns, fraud protection, and everything you would expect from a great online vendor. And on the flip side, if you are an adventurous online salesperson, this might be the place to go when you need to clean out the wedding decor from your own storage space (the only charge a 9% commission fee). Happy shopping!


Meet: L’ezu

At CLD, we simply love how over the years weddings have become such a customized experience for every couple. Literally every detail of an event or wedding can be unique and we believe in having our customers only do what they want to do, never what they should.  Don’t want to have a wedding cake? Serve pie instead.  Not a fan of high heels? Wear cowboy boots.

And if you want to have your absolutely perfect and completely customized wedding dress? Go to L’ezu.

L'ezu Store Front on Robertson Blvd.

L’ezu Store Front on Robertson Blvd.

This amazing bridal store on Robertson Boulevard may appear to be small, but is big in creativity and elegance. The store just underwent a beautiful re-model, making the interior oh-so-inviting and brimming with beautiful dresses!

A sneak peak of the inside of the store.

A sneak peak of the inside of the store.

A preview of the selection.

A preview of the selection.

Once inside, you will find that owner and lead designer Patricia Nevil brings over 19 years of couture bridal design directly to you! Brides have plenty of options when working with Patricia and her staff: you can browse and select from the unique designs she has in-store, bring in a dress you bought elsewhere that might need a creative overhaul, or work one-on-one to create something completely your own. The L’ezu team will work with you to customize almost any detail of your dress.

And L’ezu doesn’t just stop with bridal gowns. The L’ezu team can also make custom confections for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride, or even make you a fabulous couture gown for your next big event.

Here is a preview of a few of their fabulous real-life designs, courtesy of the L’ezu Blog:

Simple elegance. Photo Courtesy of L'ezu Blog.

Simple elegance. Photo Courtesy of L’ezu Blog.

Loving this midnight blue wedding gown! Photo Courtesy of L'ezu Blog.

Loving this midnight blue wedding gown! So much tulle! Photo Courtesy of L’ezu Blog.

Country wedding Couture! Photo Courtesy of L'ezu Blog.

Country wedding Couture! Photo Courtesy of L’ezu Blog.

At L’ezu, they can do it all!