Celebrate: Leslie + Corey

It isn’t uncommon that I only get to meet the groom at the rehearsal, and this was no exception.  So when I met Corey and his fun-loving personality, and I could just see how it was so perfect for Leslie, I knew this was going to be a beautiful marriage.  In fact, watching them take photos, I could quite literally see Leslie glowing in the sunlight, as the sky came perfectly through the trees and lit her beautiful (and annoyingly perfect at all times) hair like a halo.  The details that she chose were just lovely, and it was clear her taste was top notch all around!  Such a beautiful wedding that we were happy to be a part of!


Celebrate: Jessica + John

Sometimes a whirlwind romance will just take you over!  And Jessica and John are that exception.  They met and just knew, married at the gorgeous Belle Meade Plantation a year later, with family and friends by their sides.  I had such a fun time choosing all the details with Jessica and her mother, where we could focus on the pretty little details and watch an exquisite team of vendors pull it all together!  It was a perfect day.

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Celebrate: Sarah + Will

One of my favorite venues in town is Belle Meade Plantation.  It is so classic and timeless, and the bright eyed bride came up with ideas that were a perfect contrast to bring together the old and new. I think we bonded because she lives in my beloved San Francisco, and I in their hometown of Nashville.  Talking to her felt like I was at home part of the time.

With a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, Sarah and Will kept their styles traditional for this event.  But the design, oh the beautiful design, brought in a bit of new with bright bold colors, and a bit of old with vintage napkins and gold silverware.  It was a perfect blend of two families coming together to celebrate this union.

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Sarah & Will Wedding-0694Sarah & Will Wedding-0897

Celebrate: Lauren and Nathan

I could listen to these lovebirds talk all day! First, they have perfect southern accents, and second, their amazing banter that keeps them laughing (and in turn, me laughing), ensures a good time! I had so much time fun coordinating this wedding because Lauren pulled out all the stops. From sofas to signage, pews to fire pits, this girl brought the bling along with antlers for this gorgeous wedding at Homestead Manor. It was the perfect mix of casual meets class! So happy for these two beauties, thanks for including us!!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Videographer: Peerless
Venue: Homestead Manor
Bridal Hair/Make-Up: One 10 Makeup
Band: Ben Daniel Band
Florals: Always in Bloom, Inc.
Rentals: Southern Events
Catering: Homestead Manor
Cake: Classic Cake


Celebrate: Lindsay + Brett

Now this wedding was a meeting of the minds coming together from all across the US to make it happen!  With the beautiful couple in Colorado, the mom in Georgia, the step-mom in California and the wedding in Nashville, there were a lot of pow-wows, emails, calls and photographs sent to make this event come together!  And boy did it impress!  They say a little rain is good luck on a wedding day, and they were right, because Plan B was still a show-stopper and nothing could have made this wedding any less gorgeous.  Not to mention some amazing photography, ridiculously delicious food and a high energy band to keep these crazy dancers on the dance floor!  It was a magical night we are proud to have been a part of!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Photographer: Teale Photography
Videographer: Dallas Wilson Videography
Venue: Belle Meade Plantation 
Bridal Hair & Make-up: Cali Jeffries 
Wedding party Hair & Makeup: One 10 Makeup
Band: 12 South Band
Florals: Amanda Jerkins Design
Rentals: Music City Tents & Events
Rentals: Southern Events
Lighting: Bright Event Productions
Draping: Events Plus 
Catering: The Chef and I 
Cake: A Frosted Affair


Celebrate: Amanda + Joseph

Do you have one of those friend’s who’s really talented at crafty things and has beautiful writing skills and a niche for art?  And then it turns out they’re really smart too, like Dr. smart?  And to top it all off, they’re drop dead gorgeous.  Oh, and super nice?  Yeah, that’s Amanda.  So I think we can all say “well done” to Joseph, for catching this amazing lady.  Sorry, forgot to mention that he’s a doctor too.  Some people just have it all …

Including a gorgeous wedding down in Franklin on a beautiful estate.  It was a delight working with these two kind-natured souls.  Both lived not only apart from one another, but outside of Nashville, so this wedding was a beautiful union of their lives starting out together and how they are going to make their crazy schedules work as they settle into love and marriage.  We were so happy to help complete the day that these two got married!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Photographer: Lane Photography
Venue: Autumn Crest Farm
Bridal Hair/Make-Up: Elan
DJ: Osbourne Studio and Sound
Florals: Beyond Details 
Rentals: Southern Events
Catering: CJ Catering 
Cake: Wolfe Gourmet Cakes

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