Meet: Malibu West Beach Club

We can’t lie–even though we have offices in Nashville and Los Angeles, we here at CLD are beach girls at heart. Lucky for us, we frequently get to work near one of the most nostalgic, historic, and beautiful beaches in the world: the 27 scenic miles of Malibu.

But we also can’t lie about the fact that with those 27 miles comes a wide variety of options and choices when it comes to getting married. There are historical inns, hotels, private estates, oceanside restaurants, and quite a few beautiful chapels, just to give you an idea. So why not check out one venue that brings so many of those options right to you?

Meet Malibu West Beach Club.


Photo Courtesy of Malibu West Beach Club

Situated at the northern end of Zuma Beach, MWBC was made for beautiful weddings. Ceremonies take place on the patio looking straight into glorious waves and perfect sunsets, without your guests having to tackle the sand. The adjoining ballroom feels like the classic hotel ballroom, with ample space for nearly 200 guests, but without the feel of actually being in a hotel!

Under events manager Jacqui Spiros, Malibu West has made a few awesome upgrades in the last year.  The bathrooms have undergone a complete remodel, along with new kitchen updates. The kitchen allows caterers to prepare onsite, and there is also an enormous bridal suite for your bridal party to relax and primp in perfect lighting.

But the best changes have occurred in the reception area. The room features new rustic hardwood floors (no need to bring in a dance floor!), and the elimination of a few walls for even more space and light to shine through.  Unlike hotel ballrooms, which typically have a set décor theme, this blank canvas allows any wedding color scheme to work perfectly or can transform for the more eclectic tastes (we have seen a goth-themed wedding pulled off here to perfection!).

But it gets better. Malibu West is also unique in that you are allowed to bring in your own caterer and you own alcohol (all subject to licensing and insurance, of course!). So after maybe saving some cash by hitting up Costco or BevMo for libations, you can splurge in other areas from fancier food, extra flowers or whatever your heart desires!

Historic location? Check. Privacy? Check. Fine dining? Check. Ability to be transformed to the most unique of tastes? Check! Malibu West just might have it all…



Photo Courtesy of Malibu West Beach Club


Ample space and beautiful views from the Patio!


Panoramic shot of the entire ballroom!


Views of the main entrance and dancing areas.


Awesome hardwood floors!

Just an idea of what a wedding could look like on the beautiful deck!

Just an idea of what a wedding could look like on the beautiful deck!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for even more photos from a recent CLD wedding hosted at Malibu West!!

From NorCal to SoCal Sweethearts

The second my phone rang, I was hooked before we even spoke.  In fact, I answered with an atypical “hello?” versus my regular greeting, because I was so curious as to whom was on the other end of the line.

I am from a small town in Northern California (woot woot east bay!) and there is rarely a 925 number that calls my phone besides my mom, so I was at a loss as to who was calling. Emily and Karl, my future bride and groom, were college sweethearts from the excellent school Saint Mary’s College, that is centered in Moraga.  We instantly had tons to talk about, as it is a rarity to find someone who has even heard of Moraga.  I knew that this doe-eyed bride and I were going to get along beautifully!

And so it was, the sweet and colorful ceremony of a beautiful Montecito chapel, filled with a junior high girls choir from Emily’s school and groomsmen clad in gingham, set the perfect tone for this relaxed, sincerely in love couple.  It was a perfect day with friends and family, and we are so grateful to have been there!

Coordinator: Christina Logan Design
Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Montecito
Reception Venue: The Tavern
Photographer: Open Iris
Florist: Passion Flowers

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Summer Celebrity Wedding Round-Up!

We all know that summer is one of the best and most popular time for weddings – and that notion goes not just for us mere mortals, but for celebrities too! But now that most of summer has slipped by, we are going to do a condensed round-up of our summer celebrity favorites.

Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearney

Photo credit: Ok! Magazine

Photo credit: Ok! Magazine

Funny-man Jimmy Kimmel married longtime girlfriend, and comedic writer, Molly McNearney at a beautiful estate in Ojai. While details have been sparse, the number of celebs in attendance was not! From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, this guest was a who’s who of Hollywood! What we loved? That the couple stayed close to their humorous roots—the bride had good friend, actress Gabourey Sidibe, walk down the aisle in full bridal-gear before she did! Why not start your marriage off with a good laugh?

Keira Knightley & James Righton

Photo credit: Landov

Photo credit: Landov

The beautiful British bride married Klaxons keyboardist James Righton in a small, private ceremony in the south of France this past May. The fashionista shocked the wedding world when she sported a short, strapless tulle dress with flats, a cropped jacket, and a daisy-chain garland in her hair—all from Chanel, of course. But we loved that Keira stayed true to herself and kept her wedding attire comfortable, yet stylish. Even Karl Lagerfield deemed the dress, and the day, to be “perfect.”

Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul isn’t so bad after all! Paul married girlfriend, activist Lauren Parsekian, at Calamigos Ranch in May. The couple had a carnival-themed wedding, which featured a Ferris wheel, mimes, and magic by David Blaine. We loved that the groom made sure nearly every guest was involved, from having John Mayer serenade the bride with “Daughters” as she walked down the aisle, to having the entire audience sing along to a favorite song during the recessional. Way to keep the focus on your beautiful bride!

Celebrity weddings are an amazing resource for inspiration, which is why CLD is now going to feature our favorite celebrity weddings here on the blog at least once a month. We’d love to point out some of our favorite trends and styles, as well as some cool things that any couple can feature for their own fabulous day. We hope you enjoy!

Love … forever?

Today we are stopping by the Marriage Corner for a cup of joe with CLD.  I’m going to chat a little bit about marriage, because I am obviously a huge expert after two years of it and 6 total years with the same goofball of a man.  Right.

Now if you’re like most couples, there is that time right before the wedding where you want to kill your fiance.  Okay, (hopefully) not with a knife, but with your eyes and with your mind a little bit.  Because you can’t see why helping you fold escort cards is so difficult, and he can’t see why his friend can’t bring his girlfriend of one month to your $200 a plate wedding.  Then a snap of the fingers later you’re at your wedding and it is absolutely amazing and wonderful and you love each other to the nth degree of elation and beauty is everywhere and there are stars and sparks and cheers and hearts in the air!

And now you’re married.  And those ebbs and flows never stop. Never. Marriage looks easy, but it is hard.  Seriously.  Even if you’ve lived together for two years and you’re all like “but we’re so ‘same same'”.  Doesn’t matter.  Don’t you have a best girl friend that you’ll love ’til the end of time but could never live with?  That’s what it feels like at the most random moment. Hard because things you never thought would bother you because they’re “his deal”, are now your deal too because you’re married.  You’re a team. A team that you have to fight hard to not let break up like the Spice Girls. And you both have to want it.  As long as you never stop wanting it at the same time, you can make it last forever.

He used to tease you about how many lotions you use on your face, but now that you share bills he doesn’t understand a) how much they cost *and thinks there’s a conspiracy theory at the derm office*, and b) why you need so many different types.  And you don’t understand why you have to pay more every month for ESPN 2, the golf channel, boxing and insert-your-least-favorite-thing-ever-here.  Oh yeah, and all those fantasy leagues.  ‘Winning’ $20 in the end does not count as winning when you paid $50 to enter, btw.  And those are just the little things.  So when you get to the real issues like holidays with in-laws, trying to have babies, down payments on houses and cutting back on monthly expenses – things that don’t occur when you’re 26 and falling in love, marriage can get fairly strained in your household.

So let’s go back to that blissful wedding … My number one thing to remind couples to do in their wedding is to stop, take a step away – just the two of you – and look at what’s going on around you.  Look at each other. Take it all in and realize how blessed you are to have found this great love and to have so many people around you supporting you and celebrating it with you.  That is key. But the real value in that lesson is that you have to never stop repeating that exercise.  Because there will be times when it’s hard to remember, but that is why we remind ourselves.

It goes for your marriage too.  You need to take a moment, step back, turn off the tv, turn of the kids (possible?), and look at each other.  Remember what brought you together and how much you love that person next to you.  Remember why.  Do those little things for each other – even if you don’t want to – because hopefully, it will bring it out the reciprocal in them too.  If you can try from the start to repeat, you are setting yourself up properly to keep remembering the love that you have.  And if all else fails, go with my girl Gwyn’s marital advice.