Florist Consideration

Now I realize I’ve done a few floral posts this past month.  But let’s discuss not just making your own flowers, but talking to the person who IS making your flowers!

We are so lucky today to have pinterest and our fingers on the tips of all things visual these days…no tearing out of magazine or looking through a million photos at the florists to try and find what you’re looking for.  No second guessing, just straight up, “this is what I want”.


Well, unfortunately, there is SO much more to flowers than finding one photo.  When you bring your pin board into the shop and you have everything all thought out, there are still a few key things to keep in mind.

1. What is the florist’s style? Is she conservative and classy and does a lot of in home arrangements? Is she creative and bohemian and more of an artist? Make sure you check out their work before you ask them to conform to your style, because even if they “can” do it, it doesn’t mean it’s their passion style, and therefore their best work. Feel free to ask them before a meeting if its something they’re interested in. They can hopefully guide you to someone else if not.

2. Where are you getting married and when? You may have found your perfect bouquet and table arrangements, but if its August and you only want ranunculus, you’re either going to pay up the wazoo for them or are going to get tiny flowers that look nothing like that spring Californian wedding from your board. Trust the florist when you talk to them. They should be Having a conversation with you and telling you realistically what they can provide, what are some alternatives, and if what colors are likely to be around. If they say yes to everything you want, you either got lucky, have a glorious budget to ship ’em in, or they’re not being upfront with what is going to show up on your big day. It is just not likely that everything is going to be available, so ask what she would do as alternatives “in case” or as fillers. We rarely love surprises.

3. Be realistic when it comes to budget. Who doesn’t fall in love with the best weddings featured on blogs? Honestly, no one is really “pinning” a $50 bouquet or centerpiece. So when you bring in your fav pics, don’t be surprised if when they say they can do that and their proposal comes back to you with a $200 bouquet and a $250 centerpieces. Talk with your planner beforehand to figure out what you should be spending on flowers and know that going in. If the florist asks, tell her! She is not going to mark things up just because you play your cards. It’s difficult to ask what a certain arrangement costs on the spot because they have to determine season, quantity, etc, so be patient as they get their quote back to you.

That said, happy floral shopping! I mean, who doesn’t love a gorgeous arrangement of flowers! With expectations managed, it should all be fun and stress free!