Know: How many cameras does it take …

With media at our fingertips, people now feel the need to capture everything on film, or it’s almost as if it didn’t happen.  With Facebook posts and instagram, snapchat and vine, not to mention twitter we want everything to be captured and shared at a moments notice. I still remember when I thought “why would I need a camera on my phone?” And then I quickly realized the value when I would be out shopping and couldn’t decide whether a certain pair of shoes was right for an outfit!

And that is just regular, daily life.  So when it comes to your wedding, one of the most important days of your existence, it’s no wonder people go crazy over making sure everything is documented!  We want professional and amateur photogs alike to be recording the whole process, so here at CLD we have pulled together some of our fave options for wedding pics.

1. Professional Photographer
Obviously.  But please know how important this is – nothing take place of a real photographer.  Nothing.  They have experience and actually make their living doing this, so do not underestimate their value and why you need them NO MATTER WHAT.  No number of iPhones or aunts and uncles who hobby on the side as a photog can replace them. If I need to elaborate, please email me so I can virtually smack you in the noggin and remind you again why you need one.

2. Videographer
These guys are awesome.  Have you ever talked to someone involved in film?  I guarantee you, you will be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about what they do (or maybe that’s just because we’re partially based in LA and we know a lot of these peeps). Who doesn’t want their own romance film about their wedding?  With a highlight reel and music to fit the mood, videogs work hard to capture your feeling, and it is a wonderful addition to have. That said, it can also be pricey and is often looked at upon as a “luxury” item because you don’t “need” them.  We can also say we’ve never met anyone who weren’t happy they had one!

3. The Photobooth
Photobooths are not necessarily as “hot” as they were four years ago, but they are definitely not going away! These devices are a lot of fun for you to capture your guests having fun, for a cute guest book, and to provide a little entertainment as something for friends and family “to do” when their feet get tired from the dance floor.  Do your research.  Some are cool old school booths you go inside, some are pop-up tents, and others are referred to as “open air”, meaning you’re not enclosed but are standing in front of a backdrop with a photog taking the pics.  Prices can vary greatly, so make sure to investigate to figure out why and then choose the right one for you budget.  This is definitely not a place to blow your budget, there is something for everyone’s checkbook.

4. Twist on Photobooth
These are the new photo booths, that are switching things up from the standard.  From slow motion video clips to virtual graffiti walls, these are the “something unique” that is on the list after “something blue”.  Feel out your crowd and make sure this is the right group to participate: college buddies = yes, weddings full of elder family members = probably not.

5. The Smartphone
A must have, these guys come to a very small price from free to $100.  Of course, we all love instagram, so you could just create your own hashtag and make sure all your guests include it in every picture they post!  There are companies such as Wedding Snap and Capsule Cam where you can have your guests download the app, sign in, and take photos to share with everyone.  These are awesome for a wedding getaway when you have several days with people and want to share all your photos just with your group and download them when you get home.  No need to tag every person in the photo, everyone will see it who is logged in. This is so you can share those special moment!

We know there are millions of options out there, so take a little time and do some research or hire someone to help you choose what is best for you and your budget to capture those priceless moments at your wedding.  Whatever you do, just remember that this is for fun and try not to get overwhelmed with all the options!