Halloween Haunted Home!

We love Halloween!  It is somewhat because I, personally, am a candy addict, but it is also because it is another excuse for us adults to act like kids!  To dress up and be creative and wear costumes that we only get away with one day a year (I’m not sure what your excuse is those other days…).

While it’s always fun to go out to parties, sometimes you want to bring the party home and have people over.  We don’t all have the wallet to buy extraordinary Halloween decor, so we have scoured for some of the easiest items to make and put around your home to add a little flair without breaking the bank. Thanks to Martha Stewart for her never-ending source of ideas and images to bring events to life!

la100282_fal04_spidersill_xlUse candles and votives you have around the house already and add plastic bugs … to really freak people out, be discreet and just use a few!

la100925_fal04_rotteneggs_xlUse those bugs in your bowls of fruit too or hide them in the middle of a bowl of mixed nuts!la102781_1007_blcandles_vert Already have white candle sticks?  Grab your markers or red ink pens to drip “blood” down the stick.mld104879_hal09_table_wicks_hdGo to your local craft store or party store and you can find affordable bags or spiderwebs.  They’re easy to spread about in different parts of your house and allow you to incorporate them straight into your food in drink display.
msd104470_hal09_pumpkinfaces_vertIf you already have orange balloons from a kid’s birthday party, grab your markers and make those jack-o-lantern faces on them!  Otherwise you can buy different balloons at the store in a variety of colors with pumpkin faces, ghosts, bats and more.sheet-cover-up-1010sip9100_vert

How easy could this be? Drape your white sheets over your furniture so it looks like an abandoned house.

a98100_1000_windows_hdLastly, add some silhouettes in your window so the ambience already begins when your guests pull up to your front door.  Using paper and a cutout, attach to your sheer drapes and leave the lights on … this is sure to make people know where the party is!

Don’t forget to turn down the lights in the main level and get some haunted music!  Food and drink help are up next!