Bedroom/office redo

To be an event planner, you pretty much have to be an organized person.  Well, I tend to crave a little more organization than the average person.  I absolutely love going through drawers and finding a new way to set things up, even if it only looks better to me and no one else cares.  It’s um, fun, for me…really!

So on the side I pick up jobs here and there helping people in their home.  This gentleman is a very busy writer for a tv show (so cool!) not only has his office in his bedroom, but he’s Buddhist and needed an altar to pray at.  He has zero time for organization between work and his two year old daughter, plus he tends to have back-ups of everything.  So we had a lot to sort through and really had to get to the knitty gritty here, take apart things one at a time and even build a custom shelf.  I am beyond thrilled with the results and cannot wait to hear how productive he is going to be in his new room!