Meet: Better than One Planner? Two!

It doesn’t need to be said how much we love a good planner.  Whether it’s us or one of our amazing planner friends, we 100% love the idea of getting all the little things taken care of with the least amount of stress and anxiety.  Well we know this goes for weddings, but it actually also applies to all the other little parties involved, like an epic bachelorette party!
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Nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than being the organizer of a party and then having to man the itinerary the whole time: having to tell everyone what to do, when to be where, keep your eye on the clock to make sure you don’t miss the shuttle, not drink too much so someone can remember to tip, make sure you get to the right club or wine tasting or restaurant, all in a city you probably don’t know very well since this is a getaway … must I go on??

That is why we love our girl Sarah Patton over at Social Bliss Events! She is our go-to lady here in Nashville for be-all, end-all, memorable bachelorette parties.  I know, most of your are thinking “but how hard is it to plan a night of eating and drinking out?”.  You’re right, you can do it yourself, absolutely.  Just like you can plan your own wedding.  But the problem with DIY is that you don’t get the expertise of an experienced professional who has already gone through the trial an error period for you for the past 10 years.  You are winging it and hoping it turns out great.  We know it will turn out great.
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Top three reasons we love Sarah for the best get-togethers:
1. Everything is completely customized to the client and their friends. Your mood, your energy, your length of days/nights together. It is an itinerary fit to your personality type!

2. They showcase Nashville!  Hello one of the hippest, hottest cities of 2014!  There is no where better to be right now and SBE knows Nashville.

3. Remember that experience thing?  Sarah is a true local, having lived here her entire adult life.  She has done the work, tried the bars, experience the restaurants and mixed with the crowds to read their clientele so she can put you into the perfect place that you need to be.  No guessing, no hoping it goes well … just fun!

Did I mention the custom gift bags?!?

Did I mention the custom gift bags?!?

Social Bliss Events works both with locals and people coming into Nashville from out of town, as well as directly with Brides, Maids of Honor, Bridesmaids and all family and friends alike!