Meet: Easy Name Change

Nowadays, we may not all change our names upon marriage, but according to our new friends, 90% of their surveyed women do. So why is it still so difficult? You’d think that there would be an easy way … Until recently, we’d say they should call each and every company to figure it out. That’s because some companies want a letter, some have forms and some can be done over the phone. Now we have a much better solution!

Easy Name Change helps with this process, I mean, the how much more obvious could their company name make it? And they try to make it an affordable service for you by giving three options ranging $19.99-$69.99. So you can go basic with them giving you forms, all the way to premium with a much higher hands-on service.

Your wedding was enough to think about, feel free to get a little help to speed things up so everyone knows your new name! They’re a new and super innovative name change service. They help you check off all the companies you need change names with, then provide you with all the forms, letters, faxes and information each company requires. And because your notifications are pre-addressed to each of your companies, you can just sign and send!

We’re pleased to be passing out a number of Easy Name Change gift cards for a limited time, so if you’re recently married, hit us up for a complimentary kit! No matter how you end up managing your name change, here are our top tips;

Name change tips

  1. Aim to get your name change done everywhere at once. If you leave some records under your old name it can be difficult if you need to prove your identity.
  2. Always book international travel under the name that currently appears in your passport. Your tickets and bookings must match the name in your passport or you won’t be allowed on the plane.
  3. Either make your own checklist, or use the interactive company selections as part of Easy Name Change’s service. This way you can be sure you don’t miss any companies.
  4. Get a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Apply to your county registrar. Many states also have centralized ordering. Easy Name Change can provide you with your state’s form and explain the application process.
  5. There may come a time in the future when you need to prove who you were. We recommend keeping some copies of photo ID and SSA correspondence in your old name. Passports and driver licenses usually need to be surrendered.

Hope this helps get the ball rolling for you so you can start enjoying your new name!