Celebrate: Amanda & Chris

Amanda & Chris are hysterical.  You have this beautiful, soft-spoken blonde with big blue eyes and a huge warm heart, and then you have her groom; a high-energy, totally wild-spirited guy with fun engraved on his brain, and together, it is magic!  The energy between the two of them is magnetic and they have the family and friends to prove it.

I was so excited to help Amanda and Chris bring the final details of their beautiful day together.  While always meaningful, you can just tell that these two put their priority on the most important place: marriage.  Yes, it was an amazing party, the food was delicious and the decor was beautiful, but above all, it was the union of these two that stood out to me and I was honored to watch it take place.

Thank you Amanda and Chris and congratulations again!  And thanks to this killer team of vendors that I got to work with!

Venue: Houston Station
Wedding Coordinator: Christina Logan Design
Photographer: Q Avenue
Flowers: Phillipe Chadwick
Lighting: Bright Event Productions
Make-up: One 10
Hair: Style Kitchen
Catering: Smoke et Al
Videographer: Please and Thank You Media

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