Bedroom/office redo

To be an event planner, you pretty much have to be an organized person.  Well, I tend to crave a little more organization than the average person.  I absolutely love going through drawers and finding a new way to set things up, even if it only looks better to me and no one else cares.  It’s um, fun, for me…really!

So on the side I pick up jobs here and there helping people in their home.  This gentleman is a very busy writer for a tv show (so cool!) not only has his office in his bedroom, but he’s Buddhist and needed an altar to pray at.  He has zero time for organization between work and his two year old daughter, plus he tends to have back-ups of everything.  So we had a lot to sort through and really had to get to the knitty gritty here, take apart things one at a time and even build a custom shelf.  I am beyond thrilled with the results and cannot wait to hear how productive he is going to be in his new room!



Is it really almost February?

How did this happen?  My husband just wrote our rent check for February today (I love an early planner!) and it hit me that the month has come and gone and I’m already falling behind one of my (many) new year’s resolutions: blog more!  Blog more helpful, useful info…not sure some of my other blogs about my crazy life or car or husband weren’t helpful, but whatever 😉

And then, I realized Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Oh boy.  Personally, I LOVE Valentine’s day.  I have loved it ever since I was in 1st grade and handpicked which of my Snoopy Valentines that were clearly more flirty than others, would go to the cute boys in class, and which would go to the ones I didn’t like (but was forced to send one to).  imagesI loved Valentine’s day for high school choir when we would be bought to do singing telegrams in classrooms and you could see people be so embarrassed but stoked at the same time.  I loved Valentine’s day for the martinis I would have with my single girlfriends when weweren’t dating anyone and wanted to celebrate that fact and how lucky we were to have each other.  I love Valentine’s day because my mom gives me socks every year with hearts on them that I can, and do, wear year round (… I also get Christmas, Halloween and Easter socks too, btw).  I loved Valentine’s day before I was married, and that is why I will continue to love it.

Consumer holiday or not, who cares? No need to be bitter, no need to “buy” into anything. No need for roses.  You just need LOVE.  LOVE for anything, anyone. So this Valentine’s day I encourage you to do something to celebrate that.  In a relationship or not, do something from your heart for someone.  It’s just an awesome day to surprise someone and let them know you care about them.  Isn’t their surprised face worth the extra effort? Here are some great never-disappointing options that you can give to ANYONE, not just the lover in your life:

1. Bake. Cookies, cake, cupcakes, who cares!  All around hit for everyone and guaranteed to be eaten because no one resists sweets this day.

2. Make a mix cd.  Seriously.  Bring it back to 1997 when you just learned to burn your own discs and write all over them.  Taylor Swift is a definite must for this one.images-1

3. Vodka with one of those cute glasses that have writing on them and a recipe.  Do I have to say why this is a hit? This is a great DIY option too if you’re feeling creative!

4. Make a movie night pack, with popcorn (fresh off the stove, highly recommended by my gf for an old-fashioned feel), candy, wine and either your fav rom-coms or your fav action-packed hits.  Definitely something you’ve seen before so you can talk over it 🙂

5. Make a cheesy, construction paper card in pink, red and purple with cut-out hearts, glitter and the works.  Then actually mail it out snail mail style to someone.  Grandma? Dad? Brother?

Love, no matter the relationship, is about the little things.  Make it a good one!