High School Sweethearts

Doesn’t that sentiment make you swoon a little? I mean, besides my parents, who else do we know like that?  Okay, well now that I think about it, my in-laws, 2 good friends from high school and an old co-worker … but it has to be rare, right??

Well I can certainly say, what Jessica & Sam have, is rare.  I just look at their eyes light up when they see one another and make each other laugh and tease the other person like they’re still in algebra 2 trig bored out of their minds.  Their families are truly engrained in one another and became one 10 years ago.  They battled long distance in college, each had time to be with out the other, and found that they are just better together.

I have never laughed so much when planning a wedding and must continue to keep tabs on these two.  Thanks for letting me be part of your big day!

Event Planning: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Continuum Photography
Venue: The Victorian
Flowers: Kissing Bees Flowers
Make-up: Katie Kiddly
Hair: Katie Adame
Cake: Jamaica’s Cakes

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