Celebrate: Sarah + Will

One of my favorite venues in town is Belle Meade Plantation.  It is so classic and timeless, and the bright eyed bride came up with ideas that were a perfect contrast to bring together the old and new. I think we bonded because she lives in my beloved San Francisco, and I in their hometown of Nashville.  Talking to her felt like I was at home part of the time.

With a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, Sarah and Will kept their styles traditional for this event.  But the design, oh the beautiful design, brought in a bit of new with bright bold colors, and a bit of old with vintage napkins and gold silverware.  It was a perfect blend of two families coming together to celebrate this union.

Sarah & Will Wedding-0063Sarah & Will Wedding-0170Sarah & Will Wedding-0158Sarah & Will Wedding-0226Sarah & Will Wedding-0217Sarah & Will Wedding-0372Sarah & Will Wedding-0379Sarah & Will Wedding-0406Sarah & Will Wedding-0455Sarah & Will Wedding-0419Sarah & Will Wedding-0391

Sarah & Will Wedding-0694Sarah & Will Wedding-0897

Celebrate: Jennifer + Tom

My California roots were itching today, as this special couple comes all the way from right outside my home town!  California girl meets boy from the South.  Love finds a second chance sometimes, and for these two well-matched lovebirds, today was the day.  A few of my favorites moments were these …

  1. We had a true family table – bride, groom, and three kids in the round, just like at home over a family style service meal (if only all our home cooking was as good as Chef & I!)
  2. When the bride said “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this loved, but today, I believe it” (tear…).
  3. When the groom excused his poor dancing skills, yet still performed his practiced box steps with such precision – only a Dr. could look so focused!
  4. Lastly, when four girls, including the bride’s daughter, performed a very special dance to “Love Shack”!  It was the perfect party starter!

It was the most perfect, first day of spring. And the perfect first day, to unite this family.



Inspire: Guy’s Night Out with Local Table Magazine

We love girly things.  From glitz and glamour to shiny and pretty, we’re all on it.  But every once in a while, it is awesome to do something masculine and pull out the whisky for some inspiration.

I was thrilled when Local Table Magazine in Tennessee asked for our services to help style a shoot for their upcoming summer issue!  Are you kidding?  Featuring the ridiculous food from Mason’s Restaurant inside Loews Vanderbilt Hotel made by none other than the amazing Chef Brandon Frohne, it was heaven.  To make it a little sweeter?  Our handsome models here are actually local farmers from the Tennessee area.

Thanks to the combined efforts from some other stellar vendors, we were in heaven.  We hope this will inspire you to have your guy’s night out, for men and women alike!

Styling: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Frenzel Studios
Venue: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Food: Mason’s
Paper Goods & Silverware: Hester & Cook
Florals: Beyond Details
Rentals: Southern Events
Wardrobe: Brooks Brothers 

Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0012-3215784571-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0016-3215786091-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0020-3215789100-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0024-3215790811-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0028-3215793281-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0031-3215795453-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0035-3215796794-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0042-3215799658-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0051-3215803730-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0054-3215804992-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0059-3215807462-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0072-3215814429-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0076-3215816140-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0078-3215817562-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0097-3215825353-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0106-3215829280-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0125-3215837316-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0127-3215838834-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0136-3215841934-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0141-3215844160-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0152-3215848183-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0157-3215850027-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0161-3215851369-O

Meet: Frenzel Studios, from SoCal to Nashville

Upon my arrival to Nashville, I was overwhelmed with how many people had the same idea to move to this amazing city.  I had lived in the melting pot of Los Angeles for 12 years, so I am very accustomed to the idea of transplants, but it seems like people from all over are coming to Nashville by the truckload!

Now as you may guess, 90% of these people are coming for the music, so I was elated to meet another “bi-coastal” vendor like myself in the first month of my settling in (in case you didn’t know, Nashville is the “third coast” according to the locals).   Sarah and Derek, a fab photography duo with a team of support, were in the works of moving their business from SoCal to Nashville as well, while still working with their Cali clients.  Of course I knew that we must have so much in common, and I was right!  They moved here with their family in tow and are settling in to begin shooting a little more country and a lot of love.  We are looking forward to working together in the future.

So meet Frenzel Studios, we know you’ll like them as much as we do!
IMG_0924 Jessica & Luke Cedarwood Shoot-0122 Michelle & Charlie Wedding-0262 IMG_6315 Jackie & Mario Wedding-0295 Kristie & Tim Wedding-0526