Greek Goddess

As some of you may know, I just got back from Greece.  The islands were magical and beautiful and you could get lost looking into the ocean for hours.  IMG_0296

This whimsical trip got me thinking about a Grecian Wedding  (of course).  While the above photo I took in Santorini, it was in the posh neighborhoods of Athens that I saw multiple bridal stores. Think the Athenian Rodeo Drive.  Where I spotted MaxMara – be still my heart – I think my husband even saw one and said “I would love to see you in that dress” (vow renewal anyone?!). The gown selections were gorgeous and the unique head pieces were breathtaking.  It made me want to run to JoAnns and break out my needles, feathers and glue gun.

IMG_0111 IMG_0113 IMG_0117

As much as I loved these gowns, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Perfect Grecian Wedding, and I felt that I should search for a little inspiration should I find myself with a Greek Wedding anytime soon. I die for this Marchesa dress below and am whisked away with the softness of all the flowy gowns, golden leaves, and stunning blues.  If it were me, I would focus more on whites everywhere, and use some calming blues to contrast the typical Greek true blue in the surrounds.  Get inspired by the beauty of Greece.

Grecian-wedding-dress DownloadedFile-1 DownloadedFile-2 DownloadedFile images-1 images Picture 11 IMG_0206 IMG_0243 IMG_0257 IMG_0283 IMG_0343 Picture 14 Picture 15