Lisa & Jenni’s big I Do!

This wedding was very near and dear to my heart, as I am related to one of the lovely brides.  And when Lisa and Jenni set out to do something, they don’t just “do” it, they try to pave the ground for a new way to accomplish their goals and make waves.

After starting Out and Around and take a year off of their San Francisco lives to travel the world for a year, Lisa and Jenni got engage on a beach in the Philippines.  They continued to spend more time together than most of us ever will with our spouses, and still managed to be in love at the end of their journey!

Upon their return home, we got to work, planning a wedding that was in Guerneville, California, a place close to their hearts. When discussing what sort of theme or colors they wanted, Jenni said “I like purple and yellow.  You know, think the Lakers,” and I quickly realized that I needed to take some things out of their hands to make sure this looked like a wedding and not a sporting event!  That said, the ladies had a lot of great ideas and a LOT of great friends and family to help.  The wedding went off without a hitch, and thanks to the new California laws, these two are legally married as well!

Planning & Design: Christina Logan Design
Venue: Guerneville Lodge
Photographer: Sarah Trent Photographer
Flowers: Christina Logan Design and Bell and Trunk
Lighting: Jose Enriquez
DJ: We Work It Entertainment

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