Meet: L’ezu

At CLD, we simply love how over the years weddings have become such a customized experience for every couple. Literally every detail of an event or wedding can be unique and we believe in having our customers only do what they want to do, never what they should.  Don’t want to have a wedding cake? Serve pie instead.  Not a fan of high heels? Wear cowboy boots.

And if you want to have your absolutely perfect and completely customized wedding dress? Go to L’ezu.

L'ezu Store Front on Robertson Blvd.

L’ezu Store Front on Robertson Blvd.

This amazing bridal store on Robertson Boulevard may appear to be small, but is big in creativity and elegance. The store just underwent a beautiful re-model, making the interior oh-so-inviting and brimming with beautiful dresses!

A sneak peak of the inside of the store.

A sneak peak of the inside of the store.

A preview of the selection.

A preview of the selection.

Once inside, you will find that owner and lead designer Patricia Nevil brings over 19 years of couture bridal design directly to you! Brides have plenty of options when working with Patricia and her staff: you can browse and select from the unique designs she has in-store, bring in a dress you bought elsewhere that might need a creative overhaul, or work one-on-one to create something completely your own. The L’ezu team will work with you to customize almost any detail of your dress.

And L’ezu doesn’t just stop with bridal gowns. The L’ezu team can also make custom confections for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride, or even make you a fabulous couture gown for your next big event.

Here is a preview of a few of their fabulous real-life designs, courtesy of the L’ezu Blog:

Simple elegance. Photo Courtesy of L'ezu Blog.

Simple elegance. Photo Courtesy of L’ezu Blog.

Loving this midnight blue wedding gown! Photo Courtesy of L'ezu Blog.

Loving this midnight blue wedding gown! So much tulle! Photo Courtesy of L’ezu Blog.

Country wedding Couture! Photo Courtesy of L'ezu Blog.

Country wedding Couture! Photo Courtesy of L’ezu Blog.

At L’ezu, they can do it all!


The Perfect Gift

Well of course the planner in me would tell you that there is no such thing as a “perfect gift” that fits every bride or groom. But I have say, this comes pretty close. Not in the sense that this will get “used” the most like new dishes or the perfect knife set (I strongly recommend registering for a tomato knife, it will change your life), and not in the sense of of satisfying the “need” category like an actual good vacuum or wine glasses that don’t have a vineyard’s logo on it (yes, wine glasses are a need in my book). But this is a gift of different meaning – a gift of sentiment. A gift that will be kept forever and touch anyone’s heart.

I had the fortune of meeting the lovely Lindsey Passen just a month ago at a soiree, and of course immediately fell for her delightful personality and chic style. It was only then that I found out that she was an artist, as all cool people are. Even better? She specializes in drawing bridal gown illustrations! My heart melted and I instantly knew we had to be friends.

So remember that feeling how your fell in love with your dress and you couldn’t stop looking at a picture of it every day and you would just *sigh*. Now think of how cool fashion designers are (Project Runway anyone?) and you see them sketching their fab ideas on paper which look like mini pieces of art in their own right. This is kinda the reverse. The talented Lindsey Passen takes an image of YOU in your gown, then goes backwards and whips up a delectable drawing of you in your gown for you to keep forever. It’s your own artists sketch of what your dress is, on you, as art. So that fortune you spent on the gown? Not gone to waste, because it’s essence has now become artwork on your wall! And the best part? You don’t have to starve yourself to fit into it again because you’ll forever be remembered as that perfect size!
Picture 4

Whether for yourself, your sister, your bff or someone who deserves a bad ass gift, Gown Illustrious is the way to go. Or you could always just leave the website open for your new spouse to see … Check out Lindsey’s work here and learn more about her process and how you can get your one of a kind image and the perfect gift! And of course, she ships everywhere:)