Inspire: Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo!

Everyone loves an excuse to have a margarita, so let’s color-up this holiday for a little bit of fun!  In case you need a refresher because you can’t remember what this celebration is all about, check out that link so you can act all knowledgeable.

As for the fun part, we love that spring is around, flowers are out and grass is green again.  For a little bit more color in your yard or even in your house, we suggest a quick and easy plan to brighten things up!  One of our faves for the season is papel picado, sometimes referred to as papel de china.  Now the quick solution would be to buy this pretty paper online since you still have enough time, or you could have a craft day at home and make some!

This is also a great craft to get kids involved because it doesn’t really matter how perfect this looks, but more so that it’s homemade and family fun!  Since the shop around the corner may not already have this pre-cut for you, we know that they will have tissue or construction paper to make your own.  All you need in addition are scissors, tape and string!
Unknown Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.14.14 AM

Get a variety of colors, let the kiddos pick their faves and you do the others, and get started!

Then you can either do the snowflake effect of folding it up and cutting out random chunks (works better with tissue than construction paper), or you can always download a free template from online if you want to be a little more precise and a little less handmade!

After you have made your beautiful cut outs, randomly select them and tape to a long string (masking tape may be needed if your paper is heavy, otherwise scotch should work fine on tissue) and then you can hang it up in all it’s colorful glory!

Okay, so maybe it won’t look that perfect doing it on your own, but knowing you made it will be all that more satisfying!

One of our other favorite little tidbits of color?  Throwing in Loteria cards to your floral arrangements or stringing these together for a little bit of festive flair!

nate_kalimba_lowres_web-4Keeping it simple, colorful and fun!  Now have a margarita and celebrate!!