Celebrate: Amber + Will

One of my favorite moments with these two had nothing to do with their wedding at all.  In fact, I was working a different wedding, and heading into the front entrance of a large hotel downtown.  Walking towards me and laughing were two people with ridiculous hats on backwards and sideways, a sun tan and a buzz from the local beer festival; it was Amber and Will, laughing and having a good time – they were just as surprised to see me! It is these organic moments of seeing my couples having fun and loving life that makes me remember why I do this.  Because watching two people truly in love and having fun is what it’s all about.  Needless to say, they had an awesome party with a packed dance floor!

Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Fontanel

Wedding Coordinator: Christina Logan Design
Bridal Hair/MU: One10 Beauty
Cake/Desserts: Kay McConfections
Caterer: The Fontanel
Ceremony Musician: The Corwin Trio
DJ: 3rd Coast Entertainment
Flowers: Amanda Jerkins Design
Hotel Block 1: Residence Inn Vandy
Hotel Block 2: Holiday Inn Opryland
Photographer: Smith Thomas Photography
Videographer: Lynn Productions

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Celebrate: Baby Boys!

Since we told you recently that we’ve been out and about on the west coast, we thought we’d share a little peak into what we were up to!  It was overwhelming the amount of love that poured out to welcome Baby Logan this month, from Lake Oswego, Oregon and into the Bay Area, California, there was no shortage of love for a little guy that none of us have even met.

The first shower was a family affair and we felt so lucky to have loads of food and let my husband share in the fun stuff that is sometimes only around for us ladies to enjoy 🙂

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And the second shower in Cali was a ladies only soiree!  With a Little Man theme and then a trip to the amazing Rachel Dunn Chocolate Factory, we had the best time creating our own Willy Wonka Chocolate experience!

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With all but one bridesmaid from our wedding!

With all but one bridesmaid from our wedding!

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With the Chocolate Lady, Rachel Dunn, herself!

With the Chocolate Lady, Rachel Dunn, herself!

Many many thanks to the wonderful ladies in my life who put these delightful events together.  We feel very loved and very blessed!


Christina and Baby Lo

Year in Review

2013 was an amazing year for Christina Logan Design!  We welcomed Emma as a member of the team and we spread our wings to opening a second office in Nashville.  It has been an exciting year full of memorable events.  We are so lucky to work with such amazing clients and amazing vendors, and we want to thank all of them for making our job so much fun!

Happy New Year!

Our year at a glance …

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To Tip or Not to Tip…

This is a question I get asked a lot.  How do you determine who to tip and who not to tip?  I often get asked if the DJ should be tipped, but what it comes down to is that everyone you hire for your wedding is providing you with a “service”.  We know that 95% of the time tip is included for catering and servers, so why is their “service” more important than others? There is make-up, hair, DJ, photographer, planner, videographer and officiant and so on.  That is a lot of people and a lot of extra money if you start tipping everyone!  So how do you decide?

There are a few ways to look at it.  A great place to start is if the vendor works for a bigger company.  Sometimes, if you hire a DJ (for example) for a company that has several DJ’s that they contract and send out on jobs, then it is customary to ask during your initial meeting if a tip is expected for the DJ.  This is because the DJ who works the event is not taking the entire profit, but is being paid a sum for performing on behalf of the company (who receives the other portion).   The company will typically say it is up to you, in which case you can judge them on their performance and handle accordingly.  You can either give them the tip at the end of the night or give it to your planner to hand out.  If their performance was just so-so, then don’t feel you have to tip.  Tipping is for exceptional service and should not feel obligatory if you received sub-par service.

If another vendor (your photographer or planner for example) works for themselves, then you may not feel as comfortable being so forward as to ask if a tip is expected.  In any case, they will likely say no.  They are charging you already for what they feel the cost of their services is and typically will not expect a tip.  The same rule applies, however, for service.  If they go above and beyond and stay longer or take extra pics that aren’t contracted or are helpful beyond your expectations, then it is at your discretion to give them something extra at the end of the night.

It is a fair rule of thumb to use these two guidelines as you thank your vendors at the end of the night.  Same goes for hair and make-up.  If you are in a salon, you will typically tip.  If they come to you and are doing a bunch of girls’ make-up at $100 pp, then you can certainly ask (when contracting) if tip is included (since they get all the profit) or if it is expected on top.  It is far better to have all questions asked up front and feel awkward for a brief moment than to find out after the fact that they were expecting a tip all along and you thought it was taken care of!