Casa del Mar Amor

Sometimes love doesn’t hit us at first site, but friendship does.  Brittany and Chris met during work when Chris was an intern at Brittany’s office, and the two became fast friends.  It was only upon the end of Chris’s stint that they both realized it was so much more!  They have been glued at the hip ever since, enjoying trips out to Santa Monica from the East Coast with Chris’s family.  Once engaged, they knew this was the place they wanted to begin their life together.  The gorgeous Santa Monica surroundings tell the rest!

Reception Venue: Casa del Mar
Ceremony Venue: St. Monica’s Church
Wedding Planning: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Dennis Kwan Weddings
Flowers: Stephanie Grace
Rentals & Lighting: Luna Gardens
Cake: Vanilla Bakeshop
Hair & Make-up: Lux Lab

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