Meet: The Ambrose House

Tea for two … or twenty, anyone?  I recently got invited by the amazing Brandy at Beyond Details to come to her latest venture, The Ambrose House for a Saturday tea.  I grew up on tea (albeit, Lipton), and have always fancied a cup at any time of day.  It is a calming drink for me, and the experience at The Ambrose House, featuring the Savannah Tea Company teas, arouses that feeling of enjoying time and company over a pot.

This is a unique venue, one that does not boast weddings, but sweet afternoon get-togethers for ladies and gentlemen alike.  With scheduled seatings, you must make an appointment, but you have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely morning or early afternoon tea with friends and enjoy a learning a little history about tea and some satiable snacks to compliment whichever tea you select.

Did I mention you get to choose your own vintage tea cup to drink from and can even sport a hat?  The character in The Ambrose House is perfect for a Ladies Tea or a bridal luncheon.  Of course, know that this is an experience to enjoy, not a place to hop by if you’re in need of a caffeine boost!  A standard pot of tea can take up to 10 minutes to brew properly, but I’ll let them explain the details to you when you go there in person.

Bon Appétit!
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