Celebrate: Jeanelle & Adam

We had a few couples that just got the rough end of the stick when it came to Covid and their wedding. These two were about 8 weeks from go-time when we had to call the whole thing off. May 2020 was their original day, and our groom had an inkling that this was not going to recover anytime soon. And so they postponed. And kept things on hold. And on hold. And they eloped. And things were still on hold … and then THIS summer (yes, summer 2021) they decide to have a reception in October. And so we did. We had the best party we could have. With all the beautiful flowers and all the fun drinks and the right people on the dance floor. And we celebrated! And I’ve never been so happy for someone to finally get to put on their gorgeous wedding dress! I adore this lovely lady and know their future if going to be bright!

Wedding Planner: Christina Logan Design
Venue: Clementine
Cake/Dessert: Ivey Cake
Bridal Makeup: One10 Beauty
DJ: High Tone Entertainment
Flowers: LMA Designs
Photographer: Harp and Olive
Photo Booth: Photo Booth Co
Stationery: White Ink Calligraphy
Caterer: Bacon and Caviar
Rentals: Please Be Seated
Videography: Nick Brier Photo

The Real ‘Bridesmaids’ Experience!

When I think of the Sherwood Country Club, two things come to mind: Bridesmaids, the movie (hello Kristin Wiig’s character not knowing when to shut her sweet little mouth at the engagement party), and Tiger Wood’s Golf Tournament (courtesy of my husband dragging me there every year).  So when Shadi emailed me asking for our help to coordinate her big ‘I Do’, we jumped with glee!

Meeting Amir, her fiance, was only icing on the cake.  The way these two interacted, clearly having such care and consideration for one another, only made it that much better.  And dance moves?  You have not seen such a first dance to take your breathe away!  Such a beautiful and amazing occasion, we were thrilled to have been a small part of it all!

Venue: Sherwood Country Club

Coordination: Christina Logan Design

Photography: Blue 22 Photography

Catering: Robert’s Catering

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