Celebrate: Lauren & Jesse

After looking at all feasible venues in town with these two, we had the opportunity to book a brand new venue that was at the start of major renovations.  This could not have been a more perfect fit for two architects who love modern and clean design, and everything about construction.  And thus, became a fun filled journey full of planning and lots of decisions and changing our minds … but most importantly, fun, laughter and hilarious jokes and sarcasm all around.  The night could not have been more perfect and we were so sad to see our journey together!  But now they are two best friends and co-workers, and one team as husband and wife.

Wedding Planner: Christina Logan Design
Alcohol: RED Spirits
Band: Emerald Empire Band
Bridal Hair and Make Up: Matt Smith
Bridal Salon: Olia Zavozina
Cake: Ivey Cakes
Catering/Bartenders: Beyond Details
Ceremony Musician: Music City Harp
Flowers: Beyond Details
Photography: Hannah Elaine
Rentals: Liberty Party Rentals & 12th Table
Stationery: Minted
Venue: Clementine Hall


Celebrate: Hayley & Richard

Hayley and her mother, Lisa, were so much fun from the moment we met, we all knew we were going to have a blast planning and partying on this wedding day!  Hayley is one of those people who’s energy is contagious, and it’s no wonder why Richard fell for her before he even really knew her.  The high level of spirit and easy-going nature she exudes let’s you know that no matter what, even if the wedding was in the rain or in a box or in a shed, she would have a great time and so would everyone around her.  Fortunately, we had some pretty amazing vendors and the rain-filled clouds even parted on this day – so despite having lost her voice, she shook her tambourine and danced the night away!  Such a memorable night, loved getting to be a part of this vision!

Wedding Planner: Christina Logan Design
Band: 12 South Band
Bridal Hair/MU: One10 Beauty
Bridal Dress: Olia Zavozina
Cake: A Frosted Affair
Caterer: Beyond Details
Draping: Quest Events
Flowers: Beyond Details
Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting
Photographer: Wild Cotton Photography
Rentals: Music City Tents & Events
Venue, ceremony: Scarritt Bennett
Venue, reception: Musician’s Hall of Fame
Videographer: Lynn Productions


Celebrate: Jennifer + Tom

My California roots were itching today, as this special couple comes all the way from right outside my home town!  California girl meets boy from the South.  Love finds a second chance sometimes, and for these two well-matched lovebirds, today was the day.  A few of my favorites moments were these …

  1. We had a true family table – bride, groom, and three kids in the round, just like at home over a family style service meal (if only all our home cooking was as good as Chef & I!)
  2. When the bride said “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this loved, but today, I believe it” (tear…).
  3. When the groom excused his poor dancing skills, yet still performed his practiced box steps with such precision – only a Dr. could look so focused!
  4. Lastly, when four girls, including the bride’s daughter, performed a very special dance to “Love Shack”!  It was the perfect party starter!

It was the most perfect, first day of spring. And the perfect first day, to unite this family.



Celebrate: Mansa + Fred

From the moment I got the phone call, I knew Mansa’s wedding was going to be so much fun!  She is one of those people with an infectious laugh; no matter the scenario, she is going to take things in stride, laugh about it, think about it … think about it some more … and then stick right by her decision and not look back!  This was one great party, and I was so thrilled to work with Mansa over the past year to see this day come to a beautiful fruition!  Congrats Mansa & Fred – you make a perfect couple!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Anna Routh Photography
Ceremony: Vine Street Church
Reception: The Hutton Hotel
Dessert: Homestyle Bakery
DJ: Premier Djs
Florals: Beyond Details
Rentals: Music City Tents & Events
Videography: Details Nashville


Celebrate: Hannah & Jessup

I knew I wanted to work with these two the moment I heard their names.  I mean, Hannah and Jessup?!  How perfect is that!  I believe I even commented on it in my phone interview with these two Chicagoans… And so our fate was sealed, and we spent all of 2015 working on this amazing modern, rooftop wedding in the heart of Nashville!  Their Broadway nuptials had everybody dancing til the band stop, and they still begged for more!  It is their amazingly easy-going, warm-hearted and hilarious spirits, that made this party so memorable and brought together their closest friends.  A big thanks to Hannah and Jessup for letting us be a part of this perfect – barely drizzly – day!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Venue: Aerial
Photographer: Wild Cotton Photography
Bridal hair/make-up: One 10 Makeup
Catering: Chef’s Market
Cake: Dulce Desserts
Florals: Beyond Details
Rentals: Music City Tents & Events

View More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessup View More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessup View More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessup View More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessupView More: http://wildcottonphoto.pass.us/hannah-jessup

Celebrate: Amanda + Joseph

Do you have one of those friend’s who’s really talented at crafty things and has beautiful writing skills and a niche for art?  And then it turns out they’re really smart too, like Dr. smart?  And to top it all off, they’re drop dead gorgeous.  Oh, and super nice?  Yeah, that’s Amanda.  So I think we can all say “well done” to Joseph, for catching this amazing lady.  Sorry, forgot to mention that he’s a doctor too.  Some people just have it all …

Including a gorgeous wedding down in Franklin on a beautiful estate.  It was a delight working with these two kind-natured souls.  Both lived not only apart from one another, but outside of Nashville, so this wedding was a beautiful union of their lives starting out together and how they are going to make their crazy schedules work as they settle into love and marriage.  We were so happy to help complete the day that these two got married!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Photographer: Lane Photography
Venue: Autumn Crest Farm
Bridal Hair/Make-Up: Elan
DJ: Osbourne Studio and Sound
Florals: Beyond Details 
Rentals: Southern Events
Catering: CJ Catering 
Cake: Wolfe Gourmet Cakes

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Meet: The Ambrose House

Tea for two … or twenty, anyone?  I recently got invited by the amazing Brandy at Beyond Details to come to her latest venture, The Ambrose House for a Saturday tea.  I grew up on tea (albeit, Lipton), and have always fancied a cup at any time of day.  It is a calming drink for me, and the experience at The Ambrose House, featuring the Savannah Tea Company teas, arouses that feeling of enjoying time and company over a pot.

This is a unique venue, one that does not boast weddings, but sweet afternoon get-togethers for ladies and gentlemen alike.  With scheduled seatings, you must make an appointment, but you have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely morning or early afternoon tea with friends and enjoy a learning a little history about tea and some satiable snacks to compliment whichever tea you select.

Did I mention you get to choose your own vintage tea cup to drink from and can even sport a hat?  The character in The Ambrose House is perfect for a Ladies Tea or a bridal luncheon.  Of course, know that this is an experience to enjoy, not a place to hop by if you’re in need of a caffeine boost!  A standard pot of tea can take up to 10 minutes to brew properly, but I’ll let them explain the details to you when you go there in person.

Bon Appétit!
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