Meet: Malibu West Beach Club

We can’t lie–even though we have offices in Nashville and Los Angeles, we here at CLD are beach girls at heart. Lucky for us, we frequently get to work near one of the most nostalgic, historic, and beautiful beaches in the world: the 27 scenic miles of Malibu.

But we also can’t lie about the fact that with those 27 miles comes a wide variety of options and choices when it comes to getting married. There are historical inns, hotels, private estates, oceanside restaurants, and quite a few beautiful chapels, just to give you an idea. So why not check out one venue that brings so many of those options right to you?

Meet Malibu West Beach Club.


Photo Courtesy of Malibu West Beach Club

Situated at the northern end of Zuma Beach, MWBC was made for beautiful weddings. Ceremonies take place on the patio looking straight into glorious waves and perfect sunsets, without your guests having to tackle the sand. The adjoining ballroom feels like the classic hotel ballroom, with ample space for nearly 200 guests, but without the feel of actually being in a hotel!

Under events manager Jacqui Spiros, Malibu West has made a few awesome upgrades in the last year.  The bathrooms have undergone a complete remodel, along with new kitchen updates. The kitchen allows caterers to prepare onsite, and there is also an enormous bridal suite for your bridal party to relax and primp in perfect lighting.

But the best changes have occurred in the reception area. The room features new rustic hardwood floors (no need to bring in a dance floor!), and the elimination of a few walls for even more space and light to shine through.  Unlike hotel ballrooms, which typically have a set décor theme, this blank canvas allows any wedding color scheme to work perfectly or can transform for the more eclectic tastes (we have seen a goth-themed wedding pulled off here to perfection!).

But it gets better. Malibu West is also unique in that you are allowed to bring in your own caterer and you own alcohol (all subject to licensing and insurance, of course!). So after maybe saving some cash by hitting up Costco or BevMo for libations, you can splurge in other areas from fancier food, extra flowers or whatever your heart desires!

Historic location? Check. Privacy? Check. Fine dining? Check. Ability to be transformed to the most unique of tastes? Check! Malibu West just might have it all…



Photo Courtesy of Malibu West Beach Club


Ample space and beautiful views from the Patio!


Panoramic shot of the entire ballroom!


Views of the main entrance and dancing areas.


Awesome hardwood floors!

Just an idea of what a wedding could look like on the beautiful deck!

Just an idea of what a wedding could look like on the beautiful deck!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for even more photos from a recent CLD wedding hosted at Malibu West!!

Casa del Mar Amor

Sometimes love doesn’t hit us at first site, but friendship does.  Brittany and Chris met during work when Chris was an intern at Brittany’s office, and the two became fast friends.  It was only upon the end of Chris’s stint that they both realized it was so much more!  They have been glued at the hip ever since, enjoying trips out to Santa Monica from the East Coast with Chris’s family.  Once engaged, they knew this was the place they wanted to begin their life together.  The gorgeous Santa Monica surroundings tell the rest!

Reception Venue: Casa del Mar
Ceremony Venue: St. Monica’s Church
Wedding Planning: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Dennis Kwan Weddings
Flowers: Stephanie Grace
Rentals & Lighting: Luna Gardens
Cake: Vanilla Bakeshop
Hair & Make-up: Lux Lab

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