Baby: Something Personal …

Hey there!  I’m writing this blog on the most beautiful day, staring out my office windows and watching people walk their dogs, garden their lawns and enjoy the afternoon.  It is such a peaceful day, I decided to get a little personal and share some fun details of life outside of CLD.

If you read our blog regularly, you’ll know that we tend to always touch on the perimeter of personal, but never get too in depth as we think this blog is here for you and should be about you. But sometimes, there are little moments in life that are meant to be shared, and news (ahem, bumps) that are harder to hide than others … so that is why we are taking a little glimpse into the latest news of Christina Logan Design, and that is that we have a new little member on his way, just in time to help out with the fall season weddings!

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know, but Paul and I are expecting our first baby!  While he was on the fence of knowing the gender ahead of time, I KNEW I had to know (umm, the planner doesn’t stray far on the big details).  Since this kind of news is rare, we had to make it fun!  With some help of family and friends, we decided to find out with a balloon reveal on our front porch to commemorate the occasion at home.

We took a big family poll (50% guessed girl, 50% guessed boy), and right before the balloons dropped, we looked at each other and both said our final guess – GIRL!  Boy were we surprised and over the moon …

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Looks like it’s just me and the boys for now!  My three favorite guys, I’m all set.

Special thanks to Mama Lo for being the secret keeper and blowing up the balloons!  Photo creds to a dear friend, Lindsay 🙂

that glow

I need to start with sharing that I love kids.  Think they’re adorable, love goofing around with them, j’adore my two beautiful nephews.  That said, I am terrified of pregnancy and then, being a mom.  I think the whole thing is totally alien and very animalistic which makes me feel like I’m a female dog, and it creeps me out to think that something is actually growing inside of someone.  And then after that little terrifying part of actually having the child, I know I am going to be the “bad guy”.  I remember my mom saying she was the bad guy a million times growing up and I dutifully rolled my eyes.  And now, it’s payback.  I am doomed.  I train my dog with the same discipline that I plan on training  raising my children (though I probably shouldn’t pin them down just to prove I’m alpha), and I know they are going to hate me for it and dad is going to be way more fun.

However, when I look at people like this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, mama to be, it all seems to have a purpose.  I mean, do you see that glow?!  It was hard for me to even choose a few to share because I loved them so much.  Jillian is just radiating and I felt so lucky that she trusted me enough to ask me to take some of her ridiculously beautiful maternity pics (since she couldn’t do it herself) just a month before she is ready to meet her little man.  So I guess it all must totally be worth it.  We’ll see what she says when she reports back on her sleepless first few months and she has the urge to pin the little dude.