Make Your Own Wreath for the Holidays!

So now that I am in this state of golden and crisp autumn beauty, I felt the need to venture out and use what nature gave me for my fall inspired craft. I decided to make a wreath from the branches and such that are scattered about.

Fortunately for me, I came up with this idea right before I moved into my new house and someone piled a boat load of branches around the corner. No lie.  It is amazing, I had to do zero work to get these branches but take a walk down the street. I’m sure most people see this pile and groan that it’s just sitting there, me? I was STOKED!
IMG_0620 So to start this sucker, I moved sorted through this stack looking for branches that were pliable, so I would be able to bend them in a curve.  This means I used a lot of the tall ends (I had clippers with me) so I could get rid of the thick stems of the branch.

I took some regular twine that I had at home and started tying pieces together. Do not get discouraged.  Even at one point I thought that I was a failure because it looked so measly and stupid.  But I kept adding tons of pieces together until I got a fairly round frame to work with.  Don’t worry about it being too thick, as you’ll bulk it up with leaves – unless you want a branchy look, then add more stems, just keep going around in circles.  Keep the twine taught and don’t worry about it showing here and there, as it will blend in.

IMG_0626Fortunate scenario #2: The gorgeous trees are in my backyard (also amazing because this means I don’t need to own a leaf blower!).  So I just hopped out back and clipped off so low branches.  I tried to get ones that didn’t have too much bulk around them, and then I cut some of the long ones into shorter pieces to make it easier to wedge into the sticks. IMG_0627 IMG_0629 I then stripped off some of the pines at the bottom so it would weave into the wreath nicely.IMG_0632 Wa-la!  Go around a couple times to fill in any gaps. I made all my branches go in one direction, but you could also do it 50/50.  So it is split in the middle going in different directions.  Does that make sense?  The right half goes down and the left half goes down, so the branches all fall down rather than in one direction.  Email me if not 🙂IMG_0631 Now, time to make it festive!  My intention is to make this an easy autumn wreath than can be switched right into a winter/holiday wreath.  So I grabbed some berries (yes, also in my yard) and just a few beautiful red leaves to tuck in for a pop of color.  I didn’t want to go crazy and get too festive, as it’s just a seasonal wreath, not a specific holiday wreath – I know, barely a difference, but just my opinion 🙂IMG_0619 IMG_0634 IMG_0637Feel free to get as creative and crazy as you want with your wreath trimmings!  I just put a little spot of both on the top right and bottom left quadrants.  Sprinkle it throughout, do none, do whatever you like! IMG_0636And you can have your beautiful homemade wreath!  The only thing I “bought” was twine, and I already had that at home!  A great conversation piece … stay tuned for part two so we can make it a little more “festive” for the winter holidays next month!