15 Groomsmen Activities

Guys are difficult to buy gifts for and to plan things for, so why would Groomsmen Activities be any different?  The irony is that they’re actually really simple, but they like so many fewer things than us ladies and be so gosh darn particular, that it makes it harder in the end to plan things for the wedding weekend.  Give us some sparkly and chocolate and we are content for hours together!

I’m not talking Bachelor Party and strip club activities, this is more of a fun activity that guys can do together the day before the wedding while the girls are lunching and drinking bubbly.  So if your guests are in town for the weekend and you’re looking for something for the boys to do, here are 15 great options you can offer up to your man.  If he doesn’t like any of these, you officially have my blessing to say “no problem honey, you figure it out”.

  1. Golf Tournament – most common, make it a scramble, have shots at certain holes, have prizes, it’ll be fun!
  2. Skeet Shooting – keep it casual or play for prizes
  3. Cigar rolling – some cigar shops show you how to make your own, and they’ll make great gifts!
  4. Scotch or Tequila tasting – just make sure you have someone there to not let them get too carried away
  5. Trampoline Dodgeball – possibly one of the most fun activities for a rambunctious group if you’re lucky enough to have a location in your area
  6. Touch Football – can be played anywhere!  Make it grooms side against brides side, family against friends, random teams
  7. Beach Volleyball – same goes and recruit bikini bridesmaids to be cheerleaders
  8. Sport bar – if it’s football season or basketball season, order some pitchers, some nachos and enjoy the games together
  9. Billiards – an indoor crowd can have some casual beers, make a bracket and play
  10. Bowling – make it old school and make everyone wear killer bowling pants and pair up!
  11. Batting Cages – have some fun outhitting your friends
  12. Professional Shaves – Have some bonding time while grooming for the big day
  13. Renting a sailboat or pontoon – drink beer, water ski, float
  14. Fishing – get up bright and early to hit the sea
  15. Horse Track – bets anyone?