Sip & Sweat

Our job is typically busy looking a year into the future, so it’s so much fun for us when a last minute project falls onto our plate and keeps us on our toes!  We were so excited to be called by the amazing FlyteVu team to help out with design for a last minute yoga sweat session at the top of FGL House during CMA Fest!  It was such a great process with a lot of hands on deck to make the morning memorable.  I think the many attendees were excited about the outcome of the event and the local artists they got to meet!

Design: Christina Logan Design
Production: Flytevu
Venue: FGL House
Balloon Art: Vroom Vroom Balloon
Sponsors: Dulce Vida Spirits,
Topo Chico,
24/7 Snap Fitness

MJ Roasting Co.
IMG_3472FGL House Yoga Event-0004IMG_3470FGL House Yoga Event-0006FGL House Yoga Event-0019FGL House Yoga Event-0023

Inspire: Painting frames for a fresh look!

If you pay attention to a lot of what we do, you’ll notice that we’re big fans of picture frames around here … Even ones that don’t have pictures in them! They are a gorgeous way to spruce up a wall or any area of your home. But frames can get expensive. We love a good Aaron brothers sale, buy one get one for a penny, if we need them in pristine condition, but often times, we go with what we can find!

It truly is endless what you can do with spray paint, goodwill and a little inspiration. Here are a few of our faves for you to take a peak at, some mirrors, some empty, some recreated for a special meaning, all kinds of ways!

Goodwill frames hollowed out for wedding ...

Goodwill frames hollowed out for wedding …

Repurposed in my house as decor!

Repurposed in my house as decor!

More of the leftover frames used as bathroom wall art :)

More of the leftover frames used as bathroom wall art 🙂

$8 on sale shadow box framed image from Michaels, remade into crayon letter for my Godson!

$8 on sale shadow box framed image from Michaels, remade into crayon letter for my Godson!

Big Picture frame Molding from Lowes that I had cut and put on the wall and then painted myself.

Big Picture frame Molding from Lowes that I had cut and put on the wall and then painted myself.

$3 picture frame from Goodwill

$3 picture frame from Goodwill

Photo Jun 04, 2 26 49 PM

Rusted gold hanging on my wall!

Rusted gold hanging on my wall!

mirror before paint job

mirror before paint job

mirror after painting!

mirror after painting looks picture perfect for the baby room!

Inspire: Red, White & Blue!!

Happy 4th of July! We know we are a few days early, but this gives you plenty of time to get inspired by this fun holiday!

With that sad US soccer loss yesterday, we think everyone could use some good cheer from the good ol’ red, white and blue! Check out some of more recent decor inspirations for the big day!

Mason jars are an all-American classic and so easy to paint!

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Wood pallets have been all the rage lately!

Photo and project by

Photo and project by

Remember our cool wine bottle tutorial? Why not paint them blue and add beautiful red flowers?

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

You know we love our chalkboards 🙂

Photo from

Photo from

Easy garland tutorial!

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

As mentioned last Friday, pop some festive bubbly!

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Need that perfect outfit for fireworks?

Styling and photo from

Styling and photo from

Decorative nails can easily go a bit over-the-top, but these are simple and classy.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Can you get more all American than Martha Stewart’s Apple Pie?

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Fantastic idea for paper lanterns, just add red stars and streamers!

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

We hope everyone has a fun, safe and festive fourth!!


Inspire: Guy’s Night Out with Local Table Magazine

We love girly things.  From glitz and glamour to shiny and pretty, we’re all on it.  But every once in a while, it is awesome to do something masculine and pull out the whisky for some inspiration.

I was thrilled when Local Table Magazine in Tennessee asked for our services to help style a shoot for their upcoming summer issue!  Are you kidding?  Featuring the ridiculous food from Mason’s Restaurant inside Loews Vanderbilt Hotel made by none other than the amazing Chef Brandon Frohne, it was heaven.  To make it a little sweeter?  Our handsome models here are actually local farmers from the Tennessee area.

Thanks to the combined efforts from some other stellar vendors, we were in heaven.  We hope this will inspire you to have your guy’s night out, for men and women alike!

Styling: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Frenzel Studios
Venue: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Food: Mason’s
Paper Goods & Silverware: Hester & Cook
Florals: Beyond Details
Rentals: Southern Events
Wardrobe: Brooks Brothers 

Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0012-3215784571-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0016-3215786091-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0020-3215789100-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0024-3215790811-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0028-3215793281-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0031-3215795453-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0035-3215796794-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0042-3215799658-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0051-3215803730-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0054-3215804992-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0059-3215807462-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0072-3215814429-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0076-3215816140-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0078-3215817562-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0097-3215825353-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0106-3215829280-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0125-3215837316-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0127-3215838834-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0136-3215841934-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0141-3215844160-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0152-3215848183-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0157-3215850027-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0161-3215851369-O

Inspire: Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo!

Everyone loves an excuse to have a margarita, so let’s color-up this holiday for a little bit of fun!  In case you need a refresher because you can’t remember what this celebration is all about, check out that link so you can act all knowledgeable.

As for the fun part, we love that spring is around, flowers are out and grass is green again.  For a little bit more color in your yard or even in your house, we suggest a quick and easy plan to brighten things up!  One of our faves for the season is papel picado, sometimes referred to as papel de china.  Now the quick solution would be to buy this pretty paper online since you still have enough time, or you could have a craft day at home and make some!

This is also a great craft to get kids involved because it doesn’t really matter how perfect this looks, but more so that it’s homemade and family fun!  Since the shop around the corner may not already have this pre-cut for you, we know that they will have tissue or construction paper to make your own.  All you need in addition are scissors, tape and string!
Unknown Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.14.14 AM

Get a variety of colors, let the kiddos pick their faves and you do the others, and get started!

Then you can either do the snowflake effect of folding it up and cutting out random chunks (works better with tissue than construction paper), or you can always download a free template from online if you want to be a little more precise and a little less handmade!

After you have made your beautiful cut outs, randomly select them and tape to a long string (masking tape may be needed if your paper is heavy, otherwise scotch should work fine on tissue) and then you can hang it up in all it’s colorful glory!

Okay, so maybe it won’t look that perfect doing it on your own, but knowing you made it will be all that more satisfying!

One of our other favorite little tidbits of color?  Throwing in Loteria cards to your floral arrangements or stringing these together for a little bit of festive flair!

nate_kalimba_lowres_web-4Keeping it simple, colorful and fun!  Now have a margarita and celebrate!!


Inspire: Easter eggs CAN be cool…

You know that spring is here with the arrival of fresh blooms, pretty pastels… and Easter decorations and ideas blowing up the blogosphere and Pinterest boards! While back in the day the dyeing of Easter eggs seemed to only be a (messy) childhood activity, things are a bit different now. Egg dyeing and decorating has become quite the art form!

We here at CLD love our arts and crafts and with Easter only a week away, we might go a little crazy with a few of these amazing Easter egg ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hold up. Here’s a quick reminder of how to prep your eggs for dyeing and decorating:

1) Put eggs in a sauce pan in one single layer.

2) Cover with cold water, covering eggs by at least 2 inches.

3) Put the pot on the stove and bring to a boil.

4) Once the water is boiling, take the pot off the stove, cover the pot and let it stand for about 12 minutes.

5) After time is up, put eggs in cold water to stop the cooking process.

6) Make sure eggs are completely cooled before using and clean the shells with a paper towel dipped in white vinegar.

Now, onto the cool stuff we are dye-ing to try!

Gold Leaf Eggs.



Inspiring Messages. Easy, all you need is a happy thought and a sharpie!



Ombrè Eggs. Still on trend!


Awesome calligraphy, great way to practice!


Stamped eggs.


Silk-dyed eggs.


Modern Eggs. Uses paper maiche eggs for less mess!


We hope you have a great weekend of crafting!!

Inspire: The Luck of the Irish

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, we thought we’d get a little festive!  Any reason to over-indulge and par up for festivities, we’re in!

What you may not know: while it is a cultural, public holiday, St. Patty’s Day is technically a Catholic and Anglican holiday  giving thanks to Saint Patrick to commemorate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.  How do they show their appreciation: by wearing green and partaking in a feast!  (And for you know-it-alls, yes, this occurs during Lent, but the standard lent rules are lifted for the day – Amen).

Not Irish, but don’t want to get pinched this time around?  Here are some of our favorite  ways to incorporate green into your day without looking like this guy:

thanks google images

thanks google images

google, we thank thee

google, we thank thee

We like the more subtle approach…


if only we all wore green like this ...

if only we all wore green like this …

Inspire: Pink Ombré & Love Quotes

Valentine’s Day is only a week away, folks! CLD absolutely adores this holiday, not just because it celebrates the main thing that powers weddings (LOVE), but also because it comes with so many colors, flowers, and themes to get inspired by!

Our Los Angeles CLD office decided to host a Valentine’s Day party a little early and we actually were inspired by some of our own previous events and projects. We opted for décor that was a little rustic (mason jars), but peppy (pink ombré shades with metallic accents) and with a twist of thoughtful (by using some favorite love quotes).

Rustic: Mason jars, we could not live without you. Not only are they a key staple for storage in the kitchen (or for shaking up drinks in a pinch), but they are fabulous as flower vases. They come in so many sizes, almost any type of flower arrangement can work with them. When placing flowers around food or candles, you want flowers to be a little on the lower side so you don’t end up knocking things over! Half pint (or one cup) mason jars fit the bill beautifully, and they can be spruced up with little bits of lace, twine, burlap, or gold metallic paint (see our tutorial on painting glassware).


White hydrangeas are great flowers for mason jars as one stem takes up a lot of room and they can be cut low.

White hydrangeas are great flowers for mason jars as one stem takes up a lot of room and they can be cut low.

Pink Ombré: One of our favorite floral pieces of 2013 was this amazing floral display on the escort card table at Brittany & Chris’ wedding at Casa del Mar. While we wish had the time and talent to put something like that together, we went the more simple and straight-forward route. We picked 3 varying shades of pink roses, cut them low for smaller mason jars, and made them the main display on the dining table.


Thoughtful: After scrolling through our quotes Pinterest board, we decided to spread the whimsy feeling by incorporating some of our favorite love quotes throughout the party. We can’t lie, we actually have a healthy selection of chalkboards in storage to use at our weddings, so we got a little creative with some sidewalk chalk! We also printed a few of our favorites on colored heavy stock paper!

DSC_0184Here are a few more shots of the finished decor with all of our flowers and some soft candlelight.

DSC_0186DSC_0201DSC_0196 We hope this gives you a few fun ideas for your Valentines Day!

Inspire: Trending with Radiant Orchid!

Hello 2014, let the style trending begin!  If you have been busy with the holidays or real life lately and not paying attention to the likes of pinterest, twitter or Project Runway, then you may not know the hit color trend that has been deemed the official color of 2014: Radiant Orchid!

Your perfect color swatch!

Your perfect color swatch!

Here at CLD, we love radiant orchid, and how could you not?  It’s the romantic, soothing younger sister of every girlie girls favorite color, pink!  Now it’s up to you how you want to incorporate it into your life.  Whether it be daily in your wardrobe, a peek-a-boo glimmer in your nail polish, your monthly change in iPhone case or the eternal statement of your wedding colors, we encourage you to take siege and embrace your inner femininity!

Here’s a little visual inspiration to get you started!
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 1.59.55 PM Logan_6_25_11-132 copy Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.00.55 PM

Bridesmaids gowns, anyone? (photo:

Bridesmaids gowns, anyone? (photo:


Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.09.11 PMfinal-3 copy

Fakin’ it mistletoe!

So I know I said I was going to show how to convert your wreathe, and I will, but that took 5 whole seconds, so I thought I’d add mistletoe to the mix!

For your wreathe, as you have likely noticed, some of the natural elements in it are, well, dying.  Obvi.  The good news is that your stick base should stay in tact for a long time, so all you need to do is pull out some of that greenery and berries, and replenish – though the second time around I went a bit more plentiful on the berry route.  Ditch the leaves (as autumn was so last month) and add a few extra bits.  Paul has some gorgeous silver bells that he was given from his grandmother, so I put a twisty tie around them, added a ribbon in a festive color (make sure it’s wired ribbon so it holds it’s shape), and wa-la!  It has quickly been converted!
photo(yes, I’m aware it is a bit sparse on the right side, I blame the partiers from slamming the door coming in and out.)

Now for the mistletoe.  Two facts about mistletoe: one, it’s damn hard to find, and two, nobody really knows exactly what it looks like.  Case in point:

I threw a holiday party this past weekend, and I had great visions for mistletoe being hung around … that is until I realized after going to 5 places no one was selling any.  So tricky me, decided that I would fake it, and just tell everyone it was real!  Because all anyone knows about mistletoe, is that there are a few berries and dark green leaves.  DONE.  (Not to mention it hangs from up high and no one inspects it to see if you’re lying when you yell out “You’re standing under the mistletoe – KISS!!”)

So I went to my ever giving yard, and gathered some berries.  Now get a small cluster of them but make sure there is a long enough stem. Then I got leaves from an entirely different bush.  Make sure the leaves are a deep, brilliant green with some spiky edges to them.  Also get a long stem.
photo 1

Then, tape the suckers together.  I know, not high-tech, just doing the basics.
photo 2

Then cover the tape with a white or red or gold ribbon, and you’re done!  If you get a nice thicker ribbon, you can use it to hide the tape you use to adhere it to the wall or doorway.  Of course, you could hang it on a nail, but we’re going to simplicity here.
photo 4 photo 5

Have more berries and leaves?  Use them as a gorgeous garnish to any tablescape!