Celebrate: A Whirlwind Romance

Katie and Jon.  I knew I was meant to be their planner the second I opened my inbox and I saw Katie’s email.  The lightness and joyful spirit that was so apparent in even just her emails, had me hooked from the start.  Even her subject line “good ol’ google search” is something I’ll never forget.  And then we had our first call and we were both sold!

Katie and Jon got engaged and married in a quick 6 months because they both had so much going on between school and work and life, so we were quick to hop to decision making.  I had a blast this entire adventure – and I say adventure because they introduced me to Sewanee, TN, a unique little town hidden off the highway.  I was blessed with this beautiful couple and their young, boastful love for one another.  They will always hold a special place in my heart!

Planner: Christina Logan Design
Ceremony Venue: Abbo’s Alley, Sewanee University
Reception Venue: Myer’s Point
Photographer: Sara-Lane Photography
Caterer: Natural Bridge Catering
Rentals & Lighting: Reliable Rentals
Florals: SOULflowers
Cake: Dutch Maid Bakery

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