Meet: Emily C!

At CLD, we constantly get our hands dirty: arranging flowers and plants, moving furniture and chairs around, making crafts, cooking, and in a few months, diapers! Of course, we never mind this, but something always tends to get in the way when we are in the midst of such crazy things… our wedding rings! We adore the rings that our husbands endeavored to find for us, so of course we (and all other brides and wives everywhere!) need to protect them.

So meet Emily C. Actually, it’s Emily C®, because she’s just that cool and the amazing necklaces she makes are patent-pending. This fabulous woman tackled the infamous problem of “what to do with your wedding ring and keep it safe and secure somewhere when you need to get your hands dirty.” She invented a god-send item that allows you to take off nearly any ring and attach it to a necklace around your neck–without having to take the necklace off!

Scallop design. Photo Courtesy of EmilyC.Com

Scallop design. Photo Courtesy of EmilyC.Com

How did this smart lady come up with this? It’s true–necessity is the mother of invention. After her now-husband Paul gave her a beautiful engagement ring that featured a lovely center stone that had been in the family for decades, Emily was a little scared of taking care of it. Emily is a busy lady who gets her hands dirty often and also didn’t want to wear her ring to the gym, but constantly looping a chain through her ring got a little tedious. After some sketches and making some of her own prototypes, she got it right!

Fast-forward to a year or two later, she has fans all over the world and a few awesome designs for keeping your ring around your neck. Her main design, the Scallop, is one of her most popular, but she also has beautiful designs in the shape of a wishbone, heart and butterfly. Feeling fancy? The scallop design is also available in precious metals or even blinged out with diamonds!

Wishbone design. Photo courtesy of

Wishbone design. Photo courtesy of

Think we are crazy? Head over to her website to check out her selection and few videos to show you just how easy it is to secure and remove your ring.

These necklaces make an awesome engagement or wedding gift for any bride! Thanks to Emily C for helping keep beautiful rings away from harmful chemicals or activity, but still on beautiful display!

A wedding belonging to a certain CLD member hanging from her EmilyC necklace!

A wedding belonging to a certain CLD member hanging from her EmilyC necklace!

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