Indulge: Red White and Blueberries!

Good morning US of A!  With Fourth of July just around the corner, we thought we’d do a little something refreshing since it’s been so hot throughout this gorgeous summer.  Now we love our fair share of hotdogs and hamburgers just like every other American, but sometimes you want something a little bit … lighter.  Call me crazy, but a bikini and burger aren’t always the best match *unless you’re on a Carl’s Jr. commercial*.

That is why this season, we’ve come up with a perfectly festive cocktail and a yogurt parfait in the glorious red, white and blue!
IMG_4254 IMG_4253

Hard Lady Liberty Cocktail
1 part vodka
1 part pink lemonade
dash of sparkling water
top with blueberries

Bubbly Lady Liberty Cocktail
1 part sparkling wine
1 part pink lemonade
top with blueberries


While we made a larger serving of the yogurt parfait, a great alternative is to buy a bunch of mini plastic shot glasses or cups and that way you can serve a lot of smaller portions to a larger group!  This is also the perfect snack for kids who are partaking in the festivities, so they get something healthy other than just chips and dogs.

Red, White and Blueberry Parfait
vanilla greek yogurt (we went crazy and did vanilla, blueberry and raspberry for color!)
top with fresh or frozen berry mix to make it a chiller parfait!
add nilla wafers, granola, cereal or graham crackers for an extra crunch!



Celebrate: An International Affair

It’s officially summer! And everyone knows that summer is wedding season!

However… we don’t just plan and coordinate weddings. At CLD, we do events of all types! And on May 31, we were able to coordinate our first Bat Mitzvah at Smog Shoppe in Culver City.

This celebration was in honor of the amazing Olivia, who is one accomplished young lady. Olivia and her amazing mom, Abby, put their heads together to design a beautiful event with an international theme. This family has traveled all of the world and this event was a perfect opportunity to showcase their love of travel.

Smog Shoppe provided the perfect background for the ceremony with their wall of succulents and plants and eclectic decor. At the end of the ceremony, guests were able to mingle in the courtyard over appetizers and cocktails. A short while later, we were able to lift the Shoppe’s garage doors and welcome guests indoors for dinner, a special candle lighting ceremony, and dancing!

Olivia and Abby’s international theme continued for dinner, with each table being named for a different city instead of a table number! The children had a long running table through the middle of the floor, awesomely decorated with international candies and trinkets. Schaeffer’s Genuine Foods provided not one, but two buffets: one themed for children, featuring a soft pretzel tower, sliders, mini-mac-and-cheeses, while the adult buffet featured succulent short ribs and salmon. We did notice, however, that majority of the adults migrated over to the kids buffet for some delicious nibbles. Adults and kids alike were also entertained with a Photo Booth, airbrush tattoos and a wax-hand station!

Thanks to this wonderful family for letting Christina Logan Design be a part of a beautiful day!

Venue: Smog Shoppe

Coordination: Christina Logan Design

Catering: Schaeffer’s Genuine Foods

DJ: Vox DJs

Flowers: Boulevard Florist

PhotoBooth: PhotoBoxLA

Air Brush Tattoos: Tats Tattoos

Wax Hands: Wax Creations

Photography: Steve Gaffney

Olivia 8 Olivia 1 Hac Olivia 6 Oliivia 3 Oliivia 4 Olivia 2 Olivia 5 Olivia 7

Olivia 10 Olivia 21 Olivia 18 Olivia 9 Oliivia 13 Olivia 11 Olivia 14 Olivia 12 Olivia 15 Olivia 16 Olivia 19 Olivia 17 Olivia 20


Meet: Emily C!

At CLD, we constantly get our hands dirty: arranging flowers and plants, moving furniture and chairs around, making crafts, cooking, and in a few months, diapers! Of course, we never mind this, but something always tends to get in the way when we are in the midst of such crazy things… our wedding rings! We adore the rings that our husbands endeavored to find for us, so of course we (and all other brides and wives everywhere!) need to protect them.

So meet Emily C. Actually, it’s Emily C®, because she’s just that cool and the amazing necklaces she makes are patent-pending. This fabulous woman tackled the infamous problem of “what to do with your wedding ring and keep it safe and secure somewhere when you need to get your hands dirty.” She invented a god-send item that allows you to take off nearly any ring and attach it to a necklace around your neck–without having to take the necklace off!

Scallop design. Photo Courtesy of EmilyC.Com

Scallop design. Photo Courtesy of EmilyC.Com

How did this smart lady come up with this? It’s true–necessity is the mother of invention. After her now-husband Paul gave her a beautiful engagement ring that featured a lovely center stone that had been in the family for decades, Emily was a little scared of taking care of it. Emily is a busy lady who gets her hands dirty often and also didn’t want to wear her ring to the gym, but constantly looping a chain through her ring got a little tedious. After some sketches and making some of her own prototypes, she got it right!

Fast-forward to a year or two later, she has fans all over the world and a few awesome designs for keeping your ring around your neck. Her main design, the Scallop, is one of her most popular, but she also has beautiful designs in the shape of a wishbone, heart and butterfly. Feeling fancy? The scallop design is also available in precious metals or even blinged out with diamonds!

Wishbone design. Photo courtesy of

Wishbone design. Photo courtesy of

Think we are crazy? Head over to her website to check out her selection and few videos to show you just how easy it is to secure and remove your ring.

These necklaces make an awesome engagement or wedding gift for any bride! Thanks to Emily C for helping keep beautiful rings away from harmful chemicals or activity, but still on beautiful display!

A wedding belonging to a certain CLD member hanging from her EmilyC necklace!

A wedding belonging to a certain CLD member hanging from her EmilyC necklace!

Inspire: Guy’s Night Out with Local Table Magazine

We love girly things.  From glitz and glamour to shiny and pretty, we’re all on it.  But every once in a while, it is awesome to do something masculine and pull out the whisky for some inspiration.

I was thrilled when Local Table Magazine in Tennessee asked for our services to help style a shoot for their upcoming summer issue!  Are you kidding?  Featuring the ridiculous food from Mason’s Restaurant inside Loews Vanderbilt Hotel made by none other than the amazing Chef Brandon Frohne, it was heaven.  To make it a little sweeter?  Our handsome models here are actually local farmers from the Tennessee area.

Thanks to the combined efforts from some other stellar vendors, we were in heaven.  We hope this will inspire you to have your guy’s night out, for men and women alike!

Styling: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Frenzel Studios
Venue: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Food: Mason’s
Paper Goods & Silverware: Hester & Cook
Florals: Beyond Details
Rentals: Southern Events
Wardrobe: Brooks Brothers 

Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0012-3215784571-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0016-3215786091-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0020-3215789100-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0024-3215790811-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0028-3215793281-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0031-3215795453-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0035-3215796794-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0042-3215799658-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0051-3215803730-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0054-3215804992-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0059-3215807462-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0072-3215814429-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0076-3215816140-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0078-3215817562-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0097-3215825353-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0106-3215829280-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0125-3215837316-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0127-3215838834-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0136-3215841934-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0141-3215844160-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0152-3215848183-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0157-3215850027-O Local+Table+Styled+Shoot-0161-3215851369-O

Admire: Paris, Florence & Kimye

Ok, we know it too: everyone knows Kim K and Kanye got married a few weeks ago. Are you tired of hearing about it? Probably. But at CLD, we still can’t really get over it because it looked pretty darn awesome. Actually, it looked amazing.

Their wedding journey starts in one of CLD’s all time favorite cities: PARIS. Kim tried to keep some traditions by wearing white throughout her time there, especially for her bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner.  Kim stunned in a Balmain mini dress for her romp around the city with her gal pals. The next morning the Kardashian clan traveled to the private estate of Valentino for a morning brunch. Kim again looked amazing in a custom Valentino creation, giving off the illusion that she was covered in butterflies.

Kim's sexy Balmain bachelorette dress. Photo courtesy of

Kim’s sexy Balmain bachelorette dress. Photo courtesy of

Kimye flanked by Valentino at their rehearsal brunch. Photo courtesy of

Kimye flanked by Valentino at their rehearsal brunch. Photo courtesy of

We definitely have to talk about the rehearsal dinner, because while details are sparse, we do know that it was held at Versailles. Yup, you heard that right: Versailles. While we at CLD would typically not recommend inviting 600 guests to such an event, that’s what Kimye did. All of those guests were treated to a private performance by Lana del Rey and a 7 minute fireworks show. OK, if this is just the rehearsal dinner, how amazing must the wedding have been?

Kimye at their rehearsal dinner. Photo courtesy of

Kimye at their rehearsal dinner. Photo courtesy of

The wedding crew then packed up their things and were flown the next morning, via private jet of course, to Florence for the wedding festivities. (Side note, seems a little risky to expose your skin to high altitudes and dryness of flying on your wedding day… unless you have a team of stylists to make you look perfect, we don’t suggest flying on the day of!).

The festivities took place at the Forte di Belevedere, a private castle in Florence. Again, details are very sparse, but it’s hard to ignore this jaw-dropping flower backdrop for the ceremony!

Look at those flowers! No bouquet necessary. Picture courtesy of

Look at those flowers! No bouquet necessary. Picture courtesy of

Kim and company also did a great job of keeping her wedding dress well under wraps until the big day. Turns out the bride wore a custom Givenchy Haute Couture gown (that reportedly cost upwards of $500,000), and it actually was quite conservative compared to the rest of her wedding week wardrobe! The dress was long sleeved, high necked and covered in lace, but was nonetheless gorgeous. The dress also featured a flowing train and matching, floor length silk veil.

Look at that train! Photo courtesy of

Look at that train! Photo courtesy of

Walking back down the aisle. Photo courtesy of

Walking back down the aisle. Photo courtesy of

We don’t know what really happened during the party that followed, but we can tell you that one of wedding’s biggest trends was alive and well at this one: the Photobooth.

Great use of the Photo Booth. Image courtesy of

Great use of the Photo Booth. Image courtesy of

Love those matching jackets! Hopefully, some day we’ll have a better idea of what all went down at the reception and get some amazing inspiration for our Pinterest boards. Until then, we hope these pictures will satisfy our curiosity and envy!


Meet: Hip Hues in Nashville!

We’re always looking for the next best thing, and wedding entertainment is no different! As to be expected, we had such a great time at our Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group meeting, and of course we had an awesome activity: Hip Hues Screen Printing.  Sisters Sondra and Tracy started this amazing social screen printing system where they will come to your private event and set up your guests with a (custom!) design that they can take with them on a shirt, bag, or slew of other awesome items!

Are you a foodie and want your guests to all take home aprons they make with your logo on them?  Or have a bachelorette party and want all the ladies in the same shirts that you get to make together?  Done.  And they’ll even help you create a logo that’s perfect for your event.

The NWPG ladies had a blast testing it out with our own logo which we put onto banners and shirts. It was a fun and easy activity, I can’t wait to frame my print and put it on my wall!  Contact Hip Hues for your next event!

IMG_0023 IMG_4038 IMG_4041 IMG_4040 IMG_0088 IMG_4042 IMG_0086 IMG_0096 IMG_0069 IMG_4039

Know: Wedding Dress Terminology–Silhouette

So CLD readers know that we obviously love the planning process… and that we love cake… but we also love fashion! But honestly, it is the rare occasion that we actually get to assist in the selection of the wedding dress 😦

Which is why it was so awesome that one of our upcoming brides sent us a ton of photos when she was torn between dresses! Of course, we were happy to assist and we are pleased to report she went with our suggestions. But we had so much fun talking about wedding dress styles, it got us thinking that it would be great topic to blog about! Dress selection is one of those things we suggest you start thinking about and working on fairly early in the process. Between ordering the correct size, alterations, and finding those perfect accessories, it takes a lot of time!

And to talk about the styles… there are hundreds of thousands of styles of wedding dresses! We got so caught up in the trying to explain our style preferences, we thought we’d help out our readers and pass along some basic wedding terminology that help you navigate the racks upon racks of wedding dresses. Check back often, we might make this a series because there is a lot to wade through!

We’ll start with the first word you need to know: Silhouette. This describes the basic shape of the dress and there are a few categories that dresses can fit into. We’ve included pictures of some runway looks and celebrity inspirations to get you started!

– A-Line: This has no clearly defined waist area, but flows downward to a flared skirt, creating that basic “A” shape.

Monique Lhullier A Line.

Monique Lhullier A Line.

Kate's other dress! Beautiful Alexander McQueen A-Line

Kate’s other dress! Beautiful Alexander McQueen A-Line


– Ballgown: Cinderella alert! Usually the upper body is very fitted with a big skirt that is usually a bit on the poofy side.

Vera Wang Ball Gown

Vera Wang Ball Gown

Kim's first dress, a dramatic ball gown also by Vera Wang!

Kim’s first dress, a dramatic ball gown also by Vera Wang!

– Empire: These dresses have a raised waist that sits right under the bust and flow to a straight or slim skirt.

Empire waist dress by Allure Romance

Empire waist dress by Allure Romance

Might be difficult to see, but Nicole's waist is defined here in this gorgeous Balenciaga dress.

Might be difficult to see, but Nicole’s waist is defined here in this gorgeous Balenciaga dress.

– Mermaid: Usually are very fitted along the body, with the sudden flare of the skirt occurring anywhere from mid-thigh to the knee.

Classic Jim Hjelm mermaid dress.

Classic Jim Hjelm mermaid dress.

Hilary Duff stuns in a mermaid design by Vera Wang.

Hilary Duff stuns in a mermaid design by Vera Wang.

– Sheath: Also known as a column dress, this is usually a very straight design fitted close to the body.

Dennis Basso classic sheath.

Dennis Basso classic sheath.

Sheath dress by Marchesa for Molly Sims.

Sheath dress by Marchesa for Molly Sims.

We hope these few simple terms help you start your wedding dress search. Stay tuned for more throughout the summer!