Inspire: The Luck of the Irish

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, we thought we’d get a little festive!  Any reason to over-indulge and par up for festivities, we’re in!

What you may not know: while it is a cultural, public holiday, St. Patty’s Day is technically a Catholic and Anglican holiday  giving thanks to Saint Patrick to commemorate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.  How do they show their appreciation: by wearing green and partaking in a feast!  (And for you know-it-alls, yes, this occurs during Lent, but the standard lent rules are lifted for the day – Amen).

Not Irish, but don’t want to get pinched this time around?  Here are some of our favorite  ways to incorporate green into your day without looking like this guy:

thanks google images

thanks google images

google, we thank thee

google, we thank thee

We like the more subtle approach…


if only we all wore green like this ...

if only we all wore green like this …

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