Meet: Malibu West Beach Club

We can’t lie–even though we have offices in Nashville and Los Angeles, we here at CLD are beach girls at heart. Lucky for us, we frequently get to work near one of the most nostalgic, historic, and beautiful beaches in the world: the 27 scenic miles of Malibu.

But we also can’t lie about the fact that with those 27 miles comes a wide variety of options and choices when it comes to getting married. There are historical inns, hotels, private estates, oceanside restaurants, and quite a few beautiful chapels, just to give you an idea. So why not check out one venue that brings so many of those options right to you?

Meet Malibu West Beach Club.


Photo Courtesy of Malibu West Beach Club

Situated at the northern end of Zuma Beach, MWBC was made for beautiful weddings. Ceremonies take place on the patio looking straight into glorious waves and perfect sunsets, without your guests having to tackle the sand. The adjoining ballroom feels like the classic hotel ballroom, with ample space for nearly 200 guests, but without the feel of actually being in a hotel!

Under events manager Jacqui Spiros, Malibu West has made a few awesome upgrades in the last year.  The bathrooms have undergone a complete remodel, along with new kitchen updates. The kitchen allows caterers to prepare onsite, and there is also an enormous bridal suite for your bridal party to relax and primp in perfect lighting.

But the best changes have occurred in the reception area. The room features new rustic hardwood floors (no need to bring in a dance floor!), and the elimination of a few walls for even more space and light to shine through.  Unlike hotel ballrooms, which typically have a set décor theme, this blank canvas allows any wedding color scheme to work perfectly or can transform for the more eclectic tastes (we have seen a goth-themed wedding pulled off here to perfection!).

But it gets better. Malibu West is also unique in that you are allowed to bring in your own caterer and you own alcohol (all subject to licensing and insurance, of course!). So after maybe saving some cash by hitting up Costco or BevMo for libations, you can splurge in other areas from fancier food, extra flowers or whatever your heart desires!

Historic location? Check. Privacy? Check. Fine dining? Check. Ability to be transformed to the most unique of tastes? Check! Malibu West just might have it all…



Photo Courtesy of Malibu West Beach Club


Ample space and beautiful views from the Patio!


Panoramic shot of the entire ballroom!


Views of the main entrance and dancing areas.


Awesome hardwood floors!

Just an idea of what a wedding could look like on the beautiful deck!

Just an idea of what a wedding could look like on the beautiful deck!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for even more photos from a recent CLD wedding hosted at Malibu West!!

Admire: Hollywood Heads South!

As the East Coast continues to get hit with snow (even though spring did start this week!), celebs have made the smart decision to head south for their later winter-early spring nuptials. Here are a few of our favorite recent warmer-weather weddings!

Savannah Guthrie & Michael Feldman

Guthrie 1While many Americans wake up to see Savannah Guthrie on their TV screens every morning she managed to pull a fast one on everyone, surprising the country with her super-secret wedding on March 15. Guthrie and Feldman fled the New York freeze and married in Tuscon, Arizona–close to Guthrie’s hometown (yes, hometown weddings still exist!).

Guthrie stunned in a lace Monique Lhuillier gown and carried local wildflowers. A mariachi band serenaded the couple as they walked back down the aisle. While the guest count was only around 80 people, plenty of stars made the trip to Arizona (and managed to keep quiet about the whole thing!): co-anchor Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, and rocker Jon Bon Jovi. But Guthrie surprised her guests one more time, by revealing that the happy couple were also expecting!  Following the wedding, guests were also treated to a very special and intimate wedding favor: handwritten notes from the couple.

Stacy Keibler & Jared Pobre

Keibler 1

In another surprise wedding, TV host Stacy Keibler wed tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre in sunny Mexico on March 5th. The happy couple surprised their whole family by announcing during a joint-family vacation in Punta Mita that they had already planned for their nuptials to occur the next evening! Keibler and Pobre wed on the beach next to luxury villa Palmasola right at sunset with the bride donning a custom made Monique Lhuillier gown.

Keibler 2

Congrats to both happy couples and we hope all of our readers are staying warm wherever they are!


Meet: The Ambrose House

Tea for two … or twenty, anyone?  I recently got invited by the amazing Brandy at Beyond Details to come to her latest venture, The Ambrose House for a Saturday tea.  I grew up on tea (albeit, Lipton), and have always fancied a cup at any time of day.  It is a calming drink for me, and the experience at The Ambrose House, featuring the Savannah Tea Company teas, arouses that feeling of enjoying time and company over a pot.

This is a unique venue, one that does not boast weddings, but sweet afternoon get-togethers for ladies and gentlemen alike.  With scheduled seatings, you must make an appointment, but you have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely morning or early afternoon tea with friends and enjoy a learning a little history about tea and some satiable snacks to compliment whichever tea you select.

Did I mention you get to choose your own vintage tea cup to drink from and can even sport a hat?  The character in The Ambrose House is perfect for a Ladies Tea or a bridal luncheon.  Of course, know that this is an experience to enjoy, not a place to hop by if you’re in need of a caffeine boost!  A standard pot of tea can take up to 10 minutes to brew properly, but I’ll let them explain the details to you when you go there in person.

Bon Appétit!
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Indulge: A Classy St. Patty’s Day

Everyone likes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little differently (if they celebrate it at all!). We’ve seen all out revelry and bar-hopping, big Irish family potlucks, downing that glass of Guinness, or just simply adding that hint of green to an outfit to avoid getting pinched.

At CLD, we like to keep things on the classy side, so here are two fun St. Patrick’s inspired  indulgences to get the evening of the 17th started:


So this is not 100% Irish, but it features and celebrates the best of everything: Whiskey from Ireland, Scotch from Scotland, and Pimm’s from England. Combined with some lime juice, agave and shaken vigorously, this cocktail is surprisingly smooth… but it could still easily leave you with the “Irish Flu” in the morning You have been warned!


1.5 oz Irish Whiskey

0.5 oz Single Malt Scotch

0.5 oz Pimm’s Liqueur

0.75 oz freshly squeezed lime juice

1 oz agave syrup

Orange peel for garnish

Chill a martini glass or coupe in the freezer. Add all liquid ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously, for at least 15 seconds. Pour into chilled glass and garnish with twisted orange peel.

Banana Kicker Milkshake


Think milkshakes are just for kids? Of course not! Especially when whiskey is in the mix!

2.5 oz Irish Whiskey

1 oz milk

2 big scoops vanilla ice cream

1 banana (chopped and frozen if possible)

Green food coloring (totally optionally, but makes it festive!)

Add all liquid ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth, but still thick. Enjoy!

We hope all of our readers have a fun (and safe!) St. Patrick’s Day wherever, and however, you like to celebrate!

Inspire: The Luck of the Irish

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, we thought we’d get a little festive!  Any reason to over-indulge and par up for festivities, we’re in!

What you may not know: while it is a cultural, public holiday, St. Patty’s Day is technically a Catholic and Anglican holiday  giving thanks to Saint Patrick to commemorate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.  How do they show their appreciation: by wearing green and partaking in a feast!  (And for you know-it-alls, yes, this occurs during Lent, but the standard lent rules are lifted for the day – Amen).

Not Irish, but don’t want to get pinched this time around?  Here are some of our favorite  ways to incorporate green into your day without looking like this guy:

thanks google images

thanks google images

google, we thank thee

google, we thank thee

We like the more subtle approach…


if only we all wore green like this ...

if only we all wore green like this …

Admire: Oscar Fashion = Wedding Inspiration!

Admire: Oscar Inspiration

Hollywood’s annual biggest night of glamour is not just helpful for helping you pick out what movies to see—it can be a major source of inspiration for weddings!

As this year’s red carpet seemed to feature an unusually high number of white gowns, we at CLD thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight a few of our favorites! We definitely have a few brides that are about to start dress shopping…

Kristen Bell

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Kristen Bell has said that her Oscar night look was inspired by her movie, “Frozen,” but we have a sneaking suspicion that because the actress opted for an impromptu courthouse ceremony this year, she decided to get her bridal fix at the Oscars. Her ice-white Robert Cavalli gown was strapless and featured a structured bodice with a corset back. The bodice also had flower details with a ruffled lower half, leading to a small train from the mermaid style.

Naomi Watts & Calista Flockhart

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of 

Both of these stunning ladies brought the cap sleeve back! This detail is great for a bride that perhaps wants a little bit more coverage.  Flockhart’s dress, by Andrew Gn, also features gorgeous lace detailing and appliques, whereas Watt’s Calvin Klein confection is perfect for a the flashier bride with all those sequins! And as you can see, just because you are covered up doesn’t mean that your dress cannot be form-fittingly beautiful and a little bit sexy!

Lupita N’yongo

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

While this dress isn’t white, it’s beautiful shape and draping are too perfect to ignore. N’yongo has been ruling the red carpet these last few months and her Prada creation was the perfect compliment to such a winning evening! The plunging neckline may be a bit for some brides, but the full skirt is a feast for the eyes!

Christina’s Favorite: Cate Blanchett

Photo courtesy of us

Photo courtesy of us

The Oscar winner’s gold dress sure was appropriate for her win that evening! But the beautiful floral appliques adorning this fresh-from-the-runway Armani bring a refreshing feminine grace. We are now predicting some serious florals to make an appearance down wedding aisles!

Emma’s Favorite: Sandra Bullock


The sweetheart neckline has always been a bridal gown classic, but  the gathered side and draping of Sandra Bullock’s Alexander McQueen is seriously sexy! Transforming this dress with a cream or champagne satin instead of the navy, and you have one beautiful wedding dress!

We hope these selections assist you on your way to the dress store!!


Celebrate: Amanda & Chris

Amanda & Chris are hysterical.  You have this beautiful, soft-spoken blonde with big blue eyes and a huge warm heart, and then you have her groom; a high-energy, totally wild-spirited guy with fun engraved on his brain, and together, it is magic!  The energy between the two of them is magnetic and they have the family and friends to prove it.

I was so excited to help Amanda and Chris bring the final details of their beautiful day together.  While always meaningful, you can just tell that these two put their priority on the most important place: marriage.  Yes, it was an amazing party, the food was delicious and the decor was beautiful, but above all, it was the union of these two that stood out to me and I was honored to watch it take place.

Thank you Amanda and Chris and congratulations again!  And thanks to this killer team of vendors that I got to work with!

Venue: Houston Station
Wedding Coordinator: Christina Logan Design
Photographer: Q Avenue
Flowers: Phillipe Chadwick
Lighting: Bright Event Productions
Make-up: One 10
Hair: Style Kitchen
Catering: Smoke et Al
Videographer: Please and Thank You Media

amanda_chris_married_0011 amanda_chris_married_0029 amanda_chris_married_0034 amanda_chris_married_0045 amanda_chris_married_0058 amanda_chris_married_0079 amanda_chris_married_0081 amanda_chris_married_0090 amanda_chris_married_0100 amanda_chris_married_0123 amanda_chris_married_0134 amanda_chris_married_0150 amanda_chris_married_0156 amanda_chris_married_0178 amanda_chris_married_0195 amanda_chris_married_0210 amanda_chris_married_0221 amanda_chris_married_0260 amanda_chris_married_0300 amanda_chris_married_0308 amanda_chris_married_0317 amanda_chris_married_0319 amanda_chris_married_0328 amanda_chris_married_0348 amanda_chris_married_0354 amanda_chris_married_0382 amanda_chris_married_0388 amanda_chris_married_0406 amanda_chris_married_0411 amanda_chris_married_0412 amanda_chris_married_0414 amanda_chris_married_0458 amanda_chris_married_0471 amanda_chris_married_0535 amanda_chris_married_0610 amanda_chris_married_0613