Venue Restrictions

It’s easy to fall in love with a venue.  It has the perfect ceremony location overlooking the ocean, or the most beautiful arches in the chapel … and when we’re quick to sign that contract, sometimes we tend to glaze over are what restrictions are included in the package. Like when I had a bride find out that she had to pay $11 plus a $3.50 set-up fee per chair – for chairs that were already in the restaurant!  Believe it or not, these crazy things exist out there and it’s up to your and your planner to read for these signs.

Restrictions vary depending on the type of location, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, blank canvas or private estate.  There are different things you should look out for.  Just a few to consider:

  • Is there a noise curfew?
  • Will there be trash cans on that open ranch or do you or the caterer need to take care of it?
  • What about bathrooms – how many people can they hold?
  • Are tables and chairs included in the pricing?
  • What is the night like and will you need to bring in extra lighting?
  • Are there parking restrictions for guests?
  • Do you need a fire permit or insurance?

The list is quite varying depending on where you are, so be sure to ask all the questions and read all the fine lines.  These are completely standard items, however, you should make sure you know everything before signing in case there are any deal breakers.

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