Lisa & Jenni’s big I Do!

This wedding was very near and dear to my heart, as I am related to one of the lovely brides.  And when Lisa and Jenni set out to do something, they don’t just “do” it, they try to pave the ground for a new way to accomplish their goals and make waves.

After starting Out and Around and take a year off of their San Francisco lives to travel the world for a year, Lisa and Jenni got engage on a beach in the Philippines.  They continued to spend more time together than most of us ever will with our spouses, and still managed to be in love at the end of their journey!

Upon their return home, we got to work, planning a wedding that was in Guerneville, California, a place close to their hearts. When discussing what sort of theme or colors they wanted, Jenni said “I like purple and yellow.  You know, think the Lakers,” and I quickly realized that I needed to take some things out of their hands to make sure this looked like a wedding and not a sporting event!  That said, the ladies had a lot of great ideas and a LOT of great friends and family to help.  The wedding went off without a hitch, and thanks to the new California laws, these two are legally married as well!

Planning & Design: Christina Logan Design
Venue: Guerneville Lodge
Photographer: Sarah Trent Photographer
Flowers: Christina Logan Design and Bell and Trunk
Lighting: Jose Enriquez
DJ: We Work It Entertainment

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Help a Vendor Out…

Rejection: it stings, it hurts, it is painful, it is an inevitable part of life. And it is also an inevitable part of wedding planning.

It is obviously our hope that you fall in love with every piece of your wedding the first time you see it. Your venue, the date, the vendors, and of course the dress! But the reality is, that doesn’t usually happen. The venue may not have the right atmosphere, the catering might not be in your budget, the invitations just not the right shade of purple. Heck, you might not just mesh with the wedding planner you had coffee with.

And guess what? All of that is okay! We here at CLD ultimately want you to have the best vendors that work together to produce your perfect wedding.  You are taking a good deal of time and spending some money to create a stellar event, and you will need to try quite a few things until you find, “the one.” Try, try, try away!

But we have a huge favor to ask of you.  After you find all the perfect pieces to your wedding puzzle, you have to properly reject the ones that did not fit. Anyone that took some time to chat with you, meet with you, or provided you something, deserves to know that you are moving on. This is not only out of politeness (although we do love proper etiquette), but for practical reasons too, as there is a couple out there who will want that New Kids on the Block cover band on that one specific date.  Just think of how annoying it is for you when you send an email and don’t hear back.  It’s rude!  We understand it can be awkward, but how many times did you have to deal with that as a teenager?  This should be a piece of cake.

There is no need for drama or fanfare. Just a simple email or phone call will do. Tell the vendor you appreciated their time, but you have decided to go in a different direction.  The point is, you don’t just ignore their emails or calls and never get back to them.  If you have a planner, you can ask them to kindly send this email on your behalf. Feel free to elaborate if you’d like, ‘this doesn’t fit our budget (read: they still may be willing to work with you on this, so ask!), or ‘we are going for a different style’, whatever! It is at your discretion to provide details, and if you just didn’t like the person, feel free to leave it at ‘we are going in a different direction’.  Done.

FYI: we know we are not a perfect fit for every client! Yes, the rejection stings a little, even for us. We wish we could work with every single couple we meet, but sometimes things do not work out. But simply letting vendors know will allow everyone to move on and focus on creating someone else’s dream wedding!

Santa Monica Beach Nuptials

Liz and San are the kind of laid back couple that makes you want to grab a skateboard and cruise down to the beach.  They make you want to be creative and calm, go with the flow and let the day at the beach unfold.

You have to have a relaxed personality to get married on the public beach in Santa Monica, because you never know what you’re going to get!  But in good fortune, these two received what they put out there – a positive and excited response from all passerby’s.  Everyone stopped and social media was out, snapping photos of the nuptials on the sand and watching alongside invited guests.

We had so much fun at Loews with the funky and fun vibe that Liz and San wanted. From their tropical/fiesta flowers to their ceremony backdrop, their vibrant personalities showed through and will continue to do so in marital bliss!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

Coordination: Christina Logan Design
Venue: Loews Hotel
Photographer: Sweet Little Photographs
Flowers/Decor: Primary Petals
Lighting/Music: A Night to Remember

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A Toast to Tastings!


This week at Christina Logan Design we had the awesome opportunity to attend a tasting with a potential caterer with one of our lovely brides! Food is a critical component of any successful wedding or event, which makes a tasting just as crucial. When checking out your potential caterers, we thought we would give you a few pointers, tips, and good questions to ask:

Get the details. Is the tasting complementary? How many people can attend? How many different selections will you be allowed to try? Attempt to get as many details aligned and set before you head off to your appointment. This also allows you to set a good precedent with your potential vendor!

Bring the right people. Obviously you and your fiancé are the most important people in attendance, but are there other opinions that are important to you? If a family member is helping with the wedding bill, it might be a good idea to invite them so they understand how much you value them. Finally, bring your planner! They have been through this routine before and can further assist with a successful tasting. However, don’t bring the whole wedding party. Keep the tasting party limited to those whose opinions will make a difference.

Bring the right documents. If you have an agreed upon menu, bring it along to ensure you are tasting the right things. Further, also bring any bids or contracts that a potential caterer has prepared for you. This is important as caterers usually provide more than just food—chairs, linens, beverages, and much more. Having the bid right in front of you can help you make any necessary changes, compare pricing, and ensure that you have everything covered.

Take notes. The menus and bids are also good places to take some notes on. Was that crab cake a little salty? Or was that sauce for the steak just not quite right? Do you think you should maybe only do 3 appetizers instead of 4? How much will it cost to upgrade your barware? Take those notes to keep your thoughts and preferences straights.

Speak up! If your notes feel a little critical, that’s OK! You need to tell your potential caterer what you like and what you don’t. Chefs will usually be able to provide alternatives and suggestions that will make your tastebuds happy.

Tastings can be a fun adventure! If you prepare yourself with the right people, documents and mind-set, you are well on your way to finding fabulous food!