Marriage is like dating – forever.

I was having lunch with a very good male friend of mine who’s single, good-looking, had a few serious ladies, but hasn’t found that one yet.  And I found myself trying to describe to him what it’s like being married and encouraging him to take his time, to not jump into anything; I was trying to explain to him why I didn’t want him to rush and what marriage feels like.  I, who love weddings, who love marriage and love my husband, was trying to prevent my friend (who is 5 years older than me) from rushing into things by letting him know what the sentiment of marriage means.  That’s when I said it.

“Marriage, is like dating … forever. And you can’t break up.”

Profound, huh?  And of course it’s a lot more, but if you break it down, it is just that.  People think they settle into marriage, but that is not setting you up for a bright future.  Yes, you become much more comfortable together, but the key to marriage, is staying active and keeping it alive as though you are dating … the same person … forever.  It’s work.  You still have to bring home flowers (as I stare at sunflowers on my desk from the hub) and dress up for one another and flirt, ahem, with each other, and be excited to be together.

So if you find yourself worn down in your relationship or like you’ve hit a wall and feel like getting married so you can take the pressure off, then you have some reevaluating to do.  Trust me, call it quits now while you can and all you have to do is pack up some boxes and move out.  Sounds like a pain in the butt, but it’s much easier than wasting the next few years or your (and their!) life to only find out it wasn’t meant to be all along.  Yes, you’re right, you can still “break up” and get a divorce, but you should go into marriage not even knowing that’s an option.

If you treat marriage like dating forever, you will keep the spark alive.  With all the hard stuff ahead like family and financials, you want to at least make sure the romance is still there, or you’re in for a big surprise down the road.

High School Sweethearts

Doesn’t that sentiment make you swoon a little? I mean, besides my parents, who else do we know like that?  Okay, well now that I think about it, my in-laws, 2 good friends from high school and an old co-worker … but it has to be rare, right??

Well I can certainly say, what Jessica & Sam have, is rare.  I just look at their eyes light up when they see one another and make each other laugh and tease the other person like they’re still in algebra 2 trig bored out of their minds.  Their families are truly engrained in one another and became one 10 years ago.  They battled long distance in college, each had time to be with out the other, and found that they are just better together.

I have never laughed so much when planning a wedding and must continue to keep tabs on these two.  Thanks for letting me be part of your big day!

Event Planning: Christina Logan Design
Photography: Continuum Photography
Venue: The Victorian
Flowers: Kissing Bees Flowers
Make-up: Katie Kiddly
Hair: Katie Adame
Cake: Jamaica’s Cakes

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A Great Little Welcome Bag

Welcome bags are a killer way to greet guests as they come into town for your wedding or event! As fun as they can be, they can often get expensive or be poorly executed.  Some get over-thought, some get under-thought, but like with everything in life, you really want to find that happy medium. Of course we’d all love to greet our friends with a bottle of wine with our monogram on it and tickets to unlimited rides on the pier, but that doesn’t always fit the bill.

Just like with all wedding planning, you want to try and keep within your budget, but when you have guests coming in from out of town, you also want to make them feel appreciated!  So here is a glimpse and cost break-down into our most recent gift bag that had a great, well-rounded feel to it.


As you can see, there were quite a few items included in this guy!  But they were all great items to make the guest feel like they were in for some fun!  There is literature on the city of the wedding, food for the hotel room along with water, sunscreen and a detailed itinerary for every to get where they need to be. While this b&g had some local guests, most were from out of town.  So we calculated for 50 bags, 1 bag per 2 people, and dropped them off all over town where people were staying. As for a breakdown, here is what we included.

$42: Paper bags, tissue and shipping (
$25: Ribbon for the handles (michael’s crafts)
$100: Custom stamp of Santa Monica pier & ink (Lush Prints Etsy Store & Papersource)
$90: Printing of Welcome Note, Itinerary and Favorite Spots (self-designed, printed at Staples store)
$0: Santa Monica magazine and Brochure/Map (donated by the SM Visitor’s Bureau!)
$65: Sunscreen for the California rays (
$175: Custom monogramed water bottles (2 bottles per bag.
$80: Chips, cheeze-its, chocolates and fruit snacks (1 of each per bag, Costco)
$0: Coozies (fun little gift donated from friend)

Total: $577, coming out to $11.54 per bag

In all honesty, our goal was $10 per bag, so we were a little over the true budget, but the bride decided to go the extra mile this time around.

What great item did you put in your welcome bag?!?


Steel meets Lace

A huge shout out to Style Me Pretty for our recent feature on their blog of this GORGEOUS shoot – I have been dying to blog about it since our shoot in January!

I am just blessed with beautiful men in my life, and it sure didn’t stop when this beautiful duo showed up in sexy grey suits and grins from ear to ear. I have been obsessed this year with mixed textiles in all forms of design. Whether it be a soft white tuft couch on rustic wood floors, or a classic marble counters with flourescent accent pieces, I have been wanting to pair opposites together non-stop. So I was thrilled to have a tri-fold effect here.

What started out as Industrial Inspiration meets a Malibu Ranch, quickly became infused with lace and eggplant. I wanted to show off steel and lace and make it elegant. Same goes with eras; the modern grey suits with the bridesmaid’s fringe shift dress brings old and new together. I made her an impromptu headband from ribbon and lace to bring in an old effect mixed with the present day Malibu woman.

And of course, it was thanks to an amazing team of vendors that this was all pulled together.

Design & Planning: Christina Logan Design
Flowers: Kissing Bees
Catering: Malibu & Vine
Stationary: Papermints

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