Crafty Bottles

For my most recent wedding we were on a little bit of a tight budget, so I had to pull some creative craftiness out of minimal dollars to get some good design going.  Now we’ve all seen empty wine bottles used on tables for decor, and it make for great fun (especially getting the bottles empty), but our tables needed color and “filling” because there were no pre-set place settings.

Since of course, I had came up with this idea a good month before the wedding, I had to ask my neighbors and friends, who all drink a plenty, to kindly donate any empty bottles to my abode.  It was like Christmas waking up to new wine bottles on my doorstep daily!Image

Fortunately, I didn’t need to save the labels, so it was pretty easy to soak them in sudsy water for a few hours and then peel off and scrub off the labels.  *Great tip if you ever want to keep the labels, (I know I have a wine book where I keep labels of fav bottles for reference – yes, big dork), turn on your oven at 400 and place bottle inside for 10 mins. It will help make the adhesive sticky, then with one hand hold with a pot holder, and carefully with finger nails peel off the label.  Should work!*
After getting the bottles nice and naked, I bought some metallic gold spray paint and went to work!

Then it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to dress ’em up.  Keep ’em plain, put something inside, write the table name on the bottle, tie a ribbon!  Regardless, they’re so much prettier in gold for some reason.  Great marketing idea … maybe I’ll sell it to Rombaur… 😉


27 thoughts on “Crafty Bottles

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  4. How many bottles would you think per spray paint can? Im trying to figure out how much spray paint to buy. I have about 100 wine bottles.

    • Hmm, I would guess you could do at least 10-15 bottles with one can. Maybe start by buying 4 – 5 cans of paint and see how far each one takes you? Also depends on how many coats you do. I was trying to be pretty thorough. You can always buy more!

    • Sorry for the delay! It’s SO easy and not messy at all. Just do it outside (of course!) and put down some cardboard so the ground doesn’t get painted. You can even wear a latex glove or just put your hand in a plastic bag for when you need to lift it (with your finger in the opening of the bottle) or turn it. Super simple!

  5. what brand name was the paint you used…. it is hard to find a gold paint that is truly gold and now bronzy

    • I can’t be 100% certain which brand that was since it was 2 years ago, but right now in my garage I have Valspar Metallic, in brilliant gold. I use it for the same purpose on projects. Just make sure it’s a metallic option, any brand should be fine, I know I’ve had to swap brands just depending on which hardware store I’m in. This is NOT the glitter ones, it’s just metallic 🙂 Good luck!

  6. Hi!!
    Do you have any suggestions for getting the adhesive off?? I soaked mine and the labels came off with no problem but the adhesive didn’t budget too much 😐

    • Ugh, no, I’m sorry, that’s the hardest part! Some bottles come off easier than others. Soaking and scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge should help though. Using your fingernails to scrape it off and maybe try goo gone? But that’s all I can say :/ It really depends on the bottle! Sorry and good luck!!

    • Hi there, I honestly have no clue! Not sure how you would get a tea light down in a wine bottle … maybe just try one bottle? I would imagine you’d get some sort of glow, but not a lot of “light”. I would suggest trying it with jars that have a more open top, or getting those candles that look like corks and fit in the top of wine bottles, kind of like taper candles, and then you light them and the max melts down the side of the bottles. Good luck!

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