Summer Celebrity Wedding Round-Up!

We all know that summer is one of the best and most popular time for weddings – and that notion goes not just for us mere mortals, but for celebrities too! But now that most of summer has slipped by, we are going to do a condensed round-up of our summer celebrity favorites.

Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearney

Photo credit: Ok! Magazine

Photo credit: Ok! Magazine

Funny-man Jimmy Kimmel married longtime girlfriend, and comedic writer, Molly McNearney at a beautiful estate in Ojai. While details have been sparse, the number of celebs in attendance was not! From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, this guest was a who’s who of Hollywood! What we loved? That the couple stayed close to their humorous roots—the bride had good friend, actress Gabourey Sidibe, walk down the aisle in full bridal-gear before she did! Why not start your marriage off with a good laugh?

Keira Knightley & James Righton

Photo credit: Landov

Photo credit: Landov

The beautiful British bride married Klaxons keyboardist James Righton in a small, private ceremony in the south of France this past May. The fashionista shocked the wedding world when she sported a short, strapless tulle dress with flats, a cropped jacket, and a daisy-chain garland in her hair—all from Chanel, of course. But we loved that Keira stayed true to herself and kept her wedding attire comfortable, yet stylish. Even Karl Lagerfield deemed the dress, and the day, to be “perfect.”

Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul isn’t so bad after all! Paul married girlfriend, activist Lauren Parsekian, at Calamigos Ranch in May. The couple had a carnival-themed wedding, which featured a Ferris wheel, mimes, and magic by David Blaine. We loved that the groom made sure nearly every guest was involved, from having John Mayer serenade the bride with “Daughters” as she walked down the aisle, to having the entire audience sing along to a favorite song during the recessional. Way to keep the focus on your beautiful bride!

Celebrity weddings are an amazing resource for inspiration, which is why CLD is now going to feature our favorite celebrity weddings here on the blog at least once a month. We’d love to point out some of our favorite trends and styles, as well as some cool things that any couple can feature for their own fabulous day. We hope you enjoy!

Coordinator vs. Planner and Why You Need One!

What is the difference between a Coordinator and a Planner?  The word is often used interchangeably even though the roles are different.  So which do you need?  Well if you missed the last post on why you need a Coordinator, take a look here.

If you’re up to speed as to why you need at minimum, a Coordinator, then let’s break down the differences for you.  It can get tricky, and with all the vendors you’re working with and all the new terms they’re throwing at you (a gobo and a posy anyone?!), I wanted to make it simple for everyone.

A Planner helps you actually plan elements of your wedding by going through options with you and lending their expert advise and opinions and then helping you book the best options.  Depending on the extent of your agreement with them (partial or full planning servies), they can help with a lot or a little.  And they typically will help you review contracts , read the fine print and ask those uncomfortable questions that you really don’t want to ask out loud.

A Coordinator puts together all the elements you’ve already planned and makes sure they go off accordingly and that the vendors fulfill their contracts.  They are also the go to person in case anything does not go smoothly.  I prefer to drop the term “day-of”, because I have never met a Coordinator who just works the “day of” the wedding.  They are so much more and are so important.  When you are referring to anything short of planning, they are then a Coordinator.  Please take major note of the fact that the Coordinator does not actually plan any element of the wedding for you, but the Planner will also coordinate the wedding for you – it is included in their services.  It’s that whole ‘a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square’, phenomena.

So why do you need a planner?  And I’m not talking about the bride or groom that is totally clueless or is overworked and can barely make time for their dog.  We know why they need Planners.  But why does the average Annie need a Planner?  Isn’t a Planner a “luxury item” that isn’t really necessary?

Look, when you break it down, the whole wedding process is a luxury item!  I mean we don’t need bountiful arrangements of flowers on every table in site, but they sure as hell make us feel special and beautiful and unique for that one amazing day!  So why when you’re breaking the bank everywhere else should you also invest in a Planner?  Because they will be the only person there from start to finish to help you make the right, un-emotional, educated decisions in each department on the wedding process.  Their service is not always tangible, but it sure is worth it’s weight when you have someone guiding you through the process.  They will save you countless hours of research, back and forths and even straight up money by reviewing contracts for you and going to bat with vendors on your behalf when they’re being wishy-washy.

They are like an interior designer.  Not “needed” but so darn worth the money that they will make every moment happier and more memorable.  The time spent on your behalf doing research and putting everything together is priceless.

Crafty Bottles

For my most recent wedding we were on a little bit of a tight budget, so I had to pull some creative craftiness out of minimal dollars to get some good design going.  Now we’ve all seen empty wine bottles used on tables for decor, and it make for great fun (especially getting the bottles empty), but our tables needed color and “filling” because there were no pre-set place settings.

Since of course, I had came up with this idea a good month before the wedding, I had to ask my neighbors and friends, who all drink a plenty, to kindly donate any empty bottles to my abode.  It was like Christmas waking up to new wine bottles on my doorstep daily!Image

Fortunately, I didn’t need to save the labels, so it was pretty easy to soak them in sudsy water for a few hours and then peel off and scrub off the labels.  *Great tip if you ever want to keep the labels, (I know I have a wine book where I keep labels of fav bottles for reference – yes, big dork), turn on your oven at 400 and place bottle inside for 10 mins. It will help make the adhesive sticky, then with one hand hold with a pot holder, and carefully with finger nails peel off the label.  Should work!*
After getting the bottles nice and naked, I bought some metallic gold spray paint and went to work!

Then it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to dress ’em up.  Keep ’em plain, put something inside, write the table name on the bottle, tie a ribbon!  Regardless, they’re so much prettier in gold for some reason.  Great marketing idea … maybe I’ll sell it to Rombaur… 😉


Paper flower backdrop!

Now if you’re on a budget but have a heck of a lot of time, this is the project for you!

I walked into West Elm in Nashville, and saw the most beautiful and elaborate, paper flower display draping throughout the store. I just i knew I had to use it in some capacity.

Since I don’t have a 10 man staff or 500 hours of free time, I had to switch things up a bit.  I took their bold, firm paper flowers and instead made soft, crepe paper flowers in lilac, ivory and purple.  This was the general color scheme for my upcoming wedding, so I took it and ran with it.  Now anyone who’s shopped for crepe paper before knows, you can’t buy the stuff at Michael’s or JoAnn’s.  So I went here and ordered it online.  The staff was super helpful when I asked for their opinions on how much to order.

After finding a million patterns I was just okay with, I head to ol’ faithful, Martha Stewart, and found what I needed.  Since I didn’t have the time to make individual petals, I used her Continuous Petal Method and got to work.

With a little coaxing, wine and snacks, I got a little help.  All in all, I took my time doing it in stages over days. I made close to 300 flowers, and then strung them together.  The pole I bought was pretty ugly from the hardware store and you could see the tape from fastening two together, so wrapped some burlap ribbon around the pole and called it a day!


I left the flowers “un-fluffed” until they were transported carefully to the venue.  Then with three great assistants, we got it done quickly. Wha-la!  We were able to use it twice during the day.  Once behind the ceremony and then again behind their sweetheart table for the reception.  It was such a delight as I watched guests take pictures in from of it, as it was truly a beautiful backdrop!


Stay tuned over the next weeks for the blog post with the official photos from the photographer … not my iphone 😉

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