Nashville Nuptials

My last travels post was about the island beauty of Greece inspired weddings.  This post is also inspired by my recent travels, but a little more rural and a little more country.

Whisked away to a whirlwind weekend in Nashville, I had my first trip to the “country”.  I mean, not Bakersfield country, like real, Southern country.  Well, y’all, I felt I should pay a little tribute to this city of music.  I can envision two things: boots and barns, or bells and bling … I think it all depends on if she’s a southern bell or a country chick.  I am sure living there I will have a whole knew appreciation for what I envision a wedding to look like, but since I’m not there yet, let’s take a glimpse at what my first impression Nashville Wedding might look like…

images images-1 images-6 images-2 images-3 images-4 images-7 images-5 images-9 images-8

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