Beautiful Bella the Bride

Ivette, known by her dearest as Bella, is nothing if not that.  Absolutely stunning.  And that’s just her when she shows up to meet me for a coffee meeting at Starbucks after going for a run.  So to say she would make a beautiful bride, is an understatement.  And who could ignore her handsome and debonair groom, Stefan?  Are you kidding me?  Stefan and Ivette??  Their names say it all.  We’ll just suffice it to say these two are a striking and classy pair that were built for one another.  Oh yeah, and they’re both lawyers.  So they’re pretty freakin’ smart too.

I was elated when I first got the phone call from Bella to ask about my help with their wedding.  I had never been to the Nixon library, but the photos were captivating and I knew it was the perfect venue for the two of them.  Paired up with some amazing vendors, friends who hit the dance floor hard, lots of drinks and food, and the love that will keep them together forever, it was all in all the perfect day.  A special shout out to The (amazing) Youngrens who’s photos I cannot get enough of.

Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Perovich.  It was an honor to be a part of it all.

Venue: The Nixon Library
Wedding Coordination: Christina Logan Design
Photography: The Youngrens
Florist: Tustin Flowers
Catering: White House Catering
DJ: LB Entertainment
Hair & Make-up: 1011 Make-up

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Wud up party people!

So I probably shouldn’t say “wud up” because I’m not sure I can pull it off.  But today’s blog is about supplying the party to the people: ie. the booze.  How much do you need, how do you calculate amounts etc. etc. etc..

We’re gonna give you a few little formulas here, and hopefully it will leave you with a little to spare, vs. not enough.  And in some crazy states they even allow you to return the alcohol if you don’t use it!

For a five hour event, it is likely that your guests will have average at 1 drink per hour.  Keep in mind I say average, because your sorority sister Sadie will have a few more, but big aunt Agnes will have a few less.  And at 150 guests for 5 hours, that comes out to 750 drink servings. Remember, we are overestimating to play it safe.  (Keep in mind that below I’m being literal, but feel free to round up or down to what you feel is best).  You can also alter these if you feel it will be hot and you’ll want more white wine vs. cold, or if your guests are primarily beer drinkers, etc..

Now if you’re having just beer and wine, it’s a pretty easy formula.  About 3/4 will drink wine, so you want to split it accordingly.  Wine has 5 servings per bottle:
188 bottles of beer (1 keg = approx 330 bottles, so try a half keg)
282 servings red wine = 56 bottles
282 servings white wine = 56 bottles

If you are having sparkling wine and doing a toast, you can decrease a little from everywhere, or just add on 150 servings of champagne = 30 bottles.  You could also ask them to pour half glasses, and instead order 20 bottles of sparkly.

This is a great place to start.  Now let’s say you are having 2 specialty cocktails: a bride’s drink and a groom’s drink.  We go all the way back to the beginning where we have 750 drinks for the night.  Assess your group and determine if they are more hard alcohol drinkers, or wine or beer. A handle of alcohol (60oz) you have about 30-40 servings.
So I do 750 servings and take it down to a split of 4 different categories, 25% beer, 60% wine, 15% specialty cocktails:
188 bottles of beer
225 servings of red wine = 45 bottles
225 servings of white wine = 45 bottles
57 servings vodka = 2 handles vodka
57 servings gin = 2 handles gin
and for every handle of alcohol you need 2 times the mixer, so 4 coke and 4 cranberry.

Now for the full bar, the ratio changes again.  You’re looking at about 25% liquor, 15% beer and 60% wine.  Taking our magic number 750 servings, we get:
113 bottles of beer
225 servings red = 45 bottles
225 servings white = 45 bottles
187 servings liquor (6.25 handles of alcohol, buy your favorite varietals).

Hopefully this is helpful for you and I didn’t throw around too many numbers to catch you off guard.  It should be fairly simple if you know how to break down your percentages.  And if you’re still really lost, try this alcohol calculator.

Nashville Nuptials

My last travels post was about the island beauty of Greece inspired weddings.  This post is also inspired by my recent travels, but a little more rural and a little more country.

Whisked away to a whirlwind weekend in Nashville, I had my first trip to the “country”.  I mean, not Bakersfield country, like real, Southern country.  Well, y’all, I felt I should pay a little tribute to this city of music.  I can envision two things: boots and barns, or bells and bling … I think it all depends on if she’s a southern bell or a country chick.  I am sure living there I will have a whole knew appreciation for what I envision a wedding to look like, but since I’m not there yet, let’s take a glimpse at what my first impression Nashville Wedding might look like…

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Seriously Cinco de Mayo!

This could be one of my favorite holidays, and since I’m Mexican, I totally claim it as my own because I can not get enough of the food.  My LA bff told me when we met that she doesn’t like Mexican food and I almost broke up with her on the spot.  We have since worked on her palate.

So in celebration of beer drinking donkey’s IMG_2640and mariachi bands (oh, and that whole Mexican victory over France thing), I am sharing with you my fav mango bean salsa and margarita mayhem recipe!  In case you want a refresher for what May Five is really about, here’s your quickie wiki version.

Mango Salsa (feel free to adjust measurements)
2 mangoes cut up into cubes
1/2 can of black beans
2 tomatoes dicedDownloadedFile-1
1/3 red onion diced
1 avocado cubed
1 T fresh mint chopped up
2 T honey
lime juice
sprinkled salt
a tiny but of cayenne or chili powder

add everything in a bowl, mix real good, and chill for up to 2 hours before serving!

Mayhem MargaritasDownloadedFile
2 c sweet and sour mix
1.5 c tequila
1 c triple sec
1/3 c grand marnier
squeeze a lime in each glass, serve blended or on the rocks!